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Arron Nyamayaro, H-Metro Reporter

MONDORO farm workers claim that Zengea Primary School headmaster is physically abusing their children.

One of the parents told Crime Watch that their children are being forced by headmaster Mugwambi to spend the better part of the day clearing the school garden and yard without attending lessons.

“Our children have not been attending lessons for some time that we feel that they are being abused by the headmaster who is after pleasing a farm owner who gave him a piece of land,” said the disgruntled parent.

“We tried in vain to raise a complaint but the headmaster threatens us, saying we will lose our jobs if he was to take our issue to the farm owner.

“To be honest with you the headmaster is abusing our children, affecting their education, violating our rights and wants us remain poor by killing our children’s future.

“This is child labour and we managed to record our kids being asked to clear the garden and even teachers are not happy with how this is being carried out.

“Mugwambi has no children at this school that is why he is physically and psychologically abusing our kids and as farm workers we feel that we are being silenced.

“We phoned human rights organisations including Child Line since last year but no action has been taken and the kids are being forced to do such work without protective clothing.

“Zengea School is one of the schools that recorded zero percent pass rate and we blame the headmaster for this.

“One pupil managed to get 16 Units last year and the rest failed.

“We are appealing to the ministry to help us by investigating this and we have videos to prove our case against the headmaster,” said the parent.

Mugwambi confirmed the story reiterating that it is within the school curriculum framework.

“I do not know how parents are taking it but we have school projects that include gardening and orchards that need general hands,” said Mugwambi.

“We do not have general hands at the moment that is why we are assigning pupils to do the work.

“It is within the school curriculum framework and I do not see anything wrong about it,” said Mugwambi.

However, besides the ill treatment of their kids, the parent thanked the farm owner for paying and treating them well.

Zengea Primary School is located at a tobacco farm after Kefalos dairy towards Dzumbunu in Mhondoro.


Peace Security Company chief executive officer Dr Abel Mubango urged people to celebrate Easter Holiday by making sure their property is protected from robbers and thieves.

Dr Mubango said this at a refresher course where participants from all security guards drawn from all provinces met in Msasa on Friday.

“Easter Holiday is around the corner and we urge people to make sure their properties are safeguarded from criminals who are after reaping where they did not saw,” said Dr Mubango.

“As we celebrate, our security officers will be guarding your homes, offices and entry points hence the need to further train them so that they are kept informed on cyber-crimes and technologies they use.

“Our government’s mantra is that Zimbabwe is open for business.

“When foreign investors come into our country we want them to experience excellent customer service at the various sites we are guarding be it at the ports of entry, at government departments, hotels, lodges and wherever they visit in their day to day business.

“We are the first point of contact for visitors to our customer sites that we are guarding and our excellent service as security guards add tremendous value to the visitors experience as well as to our customers whose property we are guarding,” said Dr Mubango.

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