Latwell Nyangu

A DEBATE competition on child rights and early marriages was held at more than 20 schools across Zimbabwe.
The aim is to promote critical thinking, effective communication and diverse perspectives in students.

The competition ran from August 4-6 under the theme “Let’s Hear From The Children Themselves”.
The competition was organised by the Primary Schools Debate Challenge (PriDC) with the focus being on educating children in Africa about child abuse and early marriages.

It culminated in Amai Mugabe Senior School winning the debate.

Northwest High School won the public speaking competition.

Four students were given scholarships by DNA Global run by Tinashe Mugabe.
PriDC is also set to host quiz and poetry competitions next month as well as public speaking and debate contests
in Tanzania.
National Marwa from PriDC said they organise debate and public speaking competitions to enable students to learn to analyse and evaluate arguments to form well-reasoned opinions.

“Additionally, debating allows students to improve their public speaking and listening skills, preparing them for future academic and professional endeavours.

“Moreover, the practice of respectful and open-minded debate helps students understand different viewpoints, promoting tolerance and empathy.

“Overall, debate in schools cultivates essential skills and attitudes that are necessary for success in a rapidly changing world,” Marwa said.

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