Child sex rampant in Hopley

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Child sex rampant in Hopley


18 August 2017

GOVERNMENT and relevant authorities have been urged to curb child prostitution rife in Hopley Farm where underage girls are reportedly engaging in unprotected sex for survival.

Young girls under the age of 17 are said to be frequenting popular places like Anthony and Touchline having sex with old people to earn a living.

The victims include orphans, rape victims and the less privileged.

In an interview with H-Metro on the sidelines of the International Youth Day organised by the Zimbabwe National Council for the Welfare of Children (ZNCWC), the youths confirmed selling sex for money.

Twenty-one-year-old Brighton Banda said:

“Most of these children are rape victims, orphans while some got married at a young age and got divorced at the end they decide to engage in prostitution.

“The girls are mostly from 15 to 17 and the activities normally start kukangosviba chete, kuma6 vanenge vatotanga.”

Speaking on the issue of cheap sex in the area, one of the youths, Crispen Mangoma, 17, said:

“The issue of coins is very true but there some vanozviti ndevepamusoro maybe because vakanaka so they don’t accept coins.

“To be honest sex is cheap here; mari yaunayo inokwana and the ranges are from 50 cents depending on individuals and their class of clients.”

Some of the youths blamed residents, who offer their accommodation as love nests to child prostitutes.

The youths blamed the residents for providing their rooms for a fee to the lovebirds.

“Residents who stay close to Anthony provide their rooms for US$1.50 to US$2 for a night.

“The girls know all the systems here and if they get they get clients, they know where to go,” added Crispen.

Members of the community also concurred that child prostitution has also led to the rise in backyard abortions.

“Unprotected sex is popular here as clients are taking advantage of the young girls. If you have the money, you have the power to demand unprotected sex,” added Brighton.

Owing to the immoral behaviour, Government has been urged to come to the rescue.

“Dai government yaisa mabhawa a little bit far from the houses, because having them in the residential area means the young girls will be watching all these activities.

“Children need security and these sex workers should be pushed away from the compound,” said17-year-old Nomatter Chimutu.

She added:

“I think these sex workers should be pushed away from our houses because zviri kuitikira mudzimba chaimo.

“Some children stay with their mothers who are into this industry and the result is obvious because they can bring their clients mumba imomo, what else do you expect them to learn.”

Meanwhile, ZNCWC project officer Samuel Mandiwana said youths’ concerns need to be addressed in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS).

“The objective is to find out how sexual exploitation affect the attainment of Sustainable Development Goals and to understand how young people can play a pivotal role in reducing commercial sexual exploitation in Hopley.

“We will be focusing on Hopley and Epworth where we intend to assist identified children to go back to school, support child led activities like carrying out awareness raising campaigns and engaging parliamentarians.

“We are also busy establishing a network of like-minded organs to address the issue of sexual exploitation,” said Mandiwana.

International Youth Day 2017 is celebrated on August 12 every year.

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