Child sex riles artist

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Child sex riles artist


17 January 2019

Cowboy President at studio

Rising dancehall artist MCclean ‘Mks Cowboy President’ Samuriwo has urged vulnerable children in Hopely not to resort to sexual activities to earn a living.

The singer, who came from a humble beginning without both parents, says being an orphan is not a passport to engage in sex for money.

Cowboy President, 30, who is riding on his singles Ishe and Amai among other is worried about the rate of child sex in his area, Hopley.

Said Cowboy President:

“Life without parents is difficult, because munhu wese anokutora sechikorobho but if you fight hard you will learn a lot.

“Poverty can teach you to do everything to earn a living and once you lose the right track like the place I stay here in Hopley, many of the children are orphans,” said Cowboy President.

He added:

“Several of them are infected, because they have lost the right track and engaging in sexual activities, children are living in poverty, and my heart bleeds over the activities here.

“I pray as an artist that these children should be assisted, but because of poverty they are forced to continue doing this.

“Young girls under 18 are engaged in sexual activities as a means to earn a living,” he said.

Cowboy President’s journey has not been rosy due to lack of resources.

“It’s been two years now and efforts to hog the limelight have been futile because of resource limitations.

“I sing reggae dancehall and gospel reggae. I hope I will be the best.”

The photo editor and composer is still a bitter man after he never saw his father.

“I have a big pain in my life, I never saw my father until he died and I am using surname yasekuru vangu.

“I grew up in Mahusekwa under Samuriwo village and I ended up in primary school after ndashairwa mari. I had always liked to sing and I would listen to musicians. I wrote a song Amai narrating how I have grown up under difficult situation.

“I was talking about being an orphan, when my mother died in 2008.”

Some songs to listen to are Ishe, Amai, Rudo, Mudiwa, Moyo wangu, Munamato.

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