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Edwin Nhukarume and Zolani Nleya

A ZENGEZA 7 Primary School pupil was on Wednesday beaten up and locked in a cold room by two butchery workers for allegedly offending them.

It is alleged that the two workers Martin Mubvakure and a lady only identified as Rue, who are employees at Hunda Butchery, tortured the girl and locked her in a cold room after she and her other friends had annoyed them and disturbed their business.

Rue shying away from the camera

It is reported that Rue and Mubvakure’s actions angered the people when they discovered how they treated the grade three pupil and it brought business at Zengeza turn off shops to a standstill.

Mubvakure admitted to some of the allegations from the people who gave an account of what happened, but he also tried to justify their action to punish the girl as he claimed they were affecting the butchery business.

“Whatever you heard from what the people are saying it’s true.

“Though people are saying different narratives of what happened on Wednesday about these children who come and disturb our business with their silly behaviour and acts of hooliganism, it was important that we had to take some disciplinary measures.

“These children have a wild and irritating behaviour. They can even throw stones and pour sand into our shop.

“You can imagine what would happen if they break the glasses on the counter, our bosses would be mad at us for failing to control these young kids,” he said.

A crowd gathered outside Hunda Butchery

“These children would also come and ask silly questions or asking for something that is unimaginable like mune matumbu edzvinyu here and they run away.

“Yes we locked her in the cold room but not for long. I even threatened to cut her with a band saw machine just to scare her so that they cannot repeat their annoying behaviour.

“It is also not their first time to do this. They always do that most times especially the children from Shingai Primary School,” he added.

The girl’s father, Mathew Kamurai, also gave an account of what happened to his daughter and he said the behaviour by Hunda Butchery employees should not be tolerated.

“I was at home when one of my friends’ daughter came and told us that my daughter had been locked in the cold room in Hunda Butchery.

“The news was very disturbing and that is when I opted to go and see what had transpired and I saw a crowd of people shouting and denigrating the behaviour of the butchery workers.

“Fortunately, I found my child alive since the news I heard was disturbing.

“As you have heard from the people that she was even kicked and they removed her shoes and beat her.

“My child also told me that they placed pens between her fingers and squeezed her hand to inflict pain on her.

“And they then locked her in the cold room after putting her through such torture. I think they should have found another punishment.

“I believe it was the first time my daughter and her friends committed such acts. My child is not from Shingai Primary School but she is from Zengeza 7,” said Kamurai.

Kamurai, however, said he did not report the case to the police after they decided to settle the matter with the owner of the butchery.

“We did not report the case to the police. I do not have a bad relationship with the owner of the butchery.

“She is someone that I respect and we do not want to kill our relationship over children’s matters,” he told H-Metro.

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