Mangaliso Kabulika 

CHILDREN, who are staying with their mothers, who are serving time at Chikurubi Maximum Prison, received clothes, food and pampers at the weekend.

This is meant to assist their mothers, who are not getting assistance from their relatives, since their incaceration.

The annual programme was hosted by Child Educate Trust and targeted children under the age of five.

It also targeted the expecting mothers who are in prison.

Caroline Ziyanga, who is in prison with her 10-months-old boy, said prison is not an ideal environment to raise a child.

“It’s not easy watching your child in prison as in here we have people from various backgrounds and some have mental illness and if you’re not watchful they can hate your child.

“There is no specific food for children, therefore, they just eat what we also eat and it’s difficult as children require a variety of food as part of their diet,” said Caroline.

Mary Ngalala, who has her two-year-old daughter with her in prison, said:

“It’s not easy raising a child in here as you cannot trust them with anyone as some inmates do not even care.

“We are calling on well-wishers to come and give us food, especially for our children, sometimes totongovapa porridge without peanut butter or sugar nekuti ndozviripo.”

An expecting mother, Lynn Dindi, said:

“As a pregnant person, sometimes you wake up sick or having cravings for certain food but there is no husband or relative in here to attend to those needs.

“We are grateful for such initiatives as some of us in here were neglected by their husbands and relatives the moment they walked in here.”

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