Chillspot releases condom riddim

09 Oct, 2019 - 14:10 0 Views
Chillspot releases condom riddim DJ Fantan


Edwin Nhukarume, Entertainment Reporter

CHILLSPOT Records is set to release a riddim on condom use this Thursday simply titled Condom.

The artistes that will feature on the Condom Riddim sponsored by PSI include Bazooker, Hwinza, Uncle Epatan, Jah Master, Boss Pumacol and others.

DJ Fantan of Chillspot Records said the riddim’s aim is to raise awareness on the importance of using condoms.

“Chillspot Records has come up with this initiative to make sure that the youths find it necessary to take condoms seriously.

“It is a reality that a lot of people are indulging in sex before marriage.

“People should not be shy to buy condoms in public and even to say that word as we have realised that it is still a challenge for most of the people, and that explains why we have come up with this riddim,” said DJ Fantan.

“It is also our duty as entertainers to make sure we influence a positive behavior in the society.

“We want to make sure the ghetto youths and the world at large is safe from adversities that can be avoided.

“The message about how the condom can keep you safe is the one that we want to spread and it should sink into people’s minds.

“People should not be shy to be seen with condoms, it should be a normal thing,” he added.

DJ Fantan has, however, said Chillspot Records has not limited the artistes’ creativity on the Condom Riddim.

“Though the riddim is titled Condom we have not restricted the artistes to only sing about condoms.

“An artiste is free to express whatever he wants on the riddim, we do not want to limit their creativity because that is how art works,” he told H-Metro.

Condom Riddim is about to be released after one of the popular Zim dancehall chanters, Bazooker, recently made headlines for going on an unprotected sex spree.


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