Chillspot Sundays roars to life

The popular entertainment ensemble, Chillspot family, successfully launched their new weekly slot at Club Zeus on Sunday.

Dubbed, The Barn Yard Yaadmanstyle, the new slot will see the trio of DJ Fantan, Levels and Ribhe – together with selected artists from the stable – entertaining patrons every Sunday.

There is no doubt that Club Zeus is one of the most happening places at the moment and the coming in of the Mbare-based stable will change nightlife in the capital.

Formerly Club Connect, Club Zeus is housed at the NetOne Building.

The inaugural event was a huge success, with patrons turning in their numbers for what turned out to be a special outing.

It seems the trio is ready to criticize the idea that Sunday is a bad day to go out.

 “Harare, Club Zeus is here to take over entertainment, come and join us each and every Sunday as we usher you into a new week,” Fantan could be heard chanting.

And in an interview on the sidelines of the show, Fantan hailed the proprietors for the weekly slot.

“As you can see, this is one of the top nightclubs in Harare and getting a slot here is obviously a positive development to us as a brand. We are going to use this opportunity because there is obviously a different audience,” he said.

According to one of the proprietors, the new Sunday slot is meant to bring variety to the clubbing scene.

“It’s no doubt that the Chillspot family is a big name and is something huge. Merrymakers should brace for good times every Sunday.”

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