Chimbetu hails Benza

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Chimbetu hails Benza Wilmore Chimbetu


Shelly Guni, Sports Reporter

HERENTALS captain Wilmore Chimbetu says he is forever indebted to the club’s founder and teammate Innocent Benza for giving him an opportunity to showcase his talent.

Chimbetu, young brother to Dendera musician Tryson Chimbetu, says playing for Herentals has given him a decent life and kept him away from social indiscipline that many youth are now found in.


The 23-year earned a spot in the team a few months after the it was formed. Herentals was formed in 2009.


“I’m proud of what we have achieved at the club,” Chimbetu said:


“Dr Benza has shown is everlasting love for the club through the support he gives.”


” Herentals means family. And that family is kept intact by a loving father figure in the form of Dr Benza.


“I like the fact that at Herentals, we are a family that helps each other to grow in our craft. We all love football passionately and this love has created an unbreakable bond among us,”


Chimbetu says playing for Herentals has been a major boost in his life as it is also his source of income.


He ca n now look after himself and his family from the funds he gets from playing.


He also added that, during the Covid-19 induced lockdown, the club made sure that the welfare of the players was well met.


“Football can lift you from poverty to prosperity if only you are determined and disciplined. No one should lie to you that it does not pay. It is a unifying force; football matches brings together people from different backgrounds and turns them into friends,” he says.


While there are a number of cases of youth abusing drugs or alcohol. He says, as a youth in the community he is aware of the responsibility he has in making sure that he leads by example.


“I have to lead by example by being self-disciplined. I do not take drugs because I know these are inappropriate for a professional footballer. The lessons that I have learnt in the course of my playing career, I want to pass them down to other youngsters.


“Most of the people I grew up with have drowned into a sea of drug addiction whereas others who had ventured into criminal activities met a painful end, but for me its a different story. Herentals is molding me into a better player,” he said.


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