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CHIMBETU UNITED Suluman Chimbetu


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DENDERA musicians, Suluman and Tryson Chimbetu, are set to share the stage when they perform at a tombstone unveiling event in Chigondo, Wedza, tomorrow.

Sulu and Tryson are set to serenade rural folks at Machakanja Village.

The event has been organised to celebrate the lives of the late Shepherd, Martha, Claudious, Plaxedes, Farai and Sekuru Machakanja. The choice of the artists, according to one of the organisers, conforms with the event judging by the Chimbetus’ discography.

Family spokesperson Shepherded Machakanja told H-Metro that everything was now in place for the commemorations.

“Most of our family members love Dendera music and we also saw that they have a number of songs that will make us enjoy the event. 

“This is a tombstone unveiling event where we are celebrating the lives of our own and we would be happy to dance to songs like Ndarangarira Gamba, Pane Asipo and Ndiri Musoja, among others,” said Machakanja.

Tryson Chimbetu

He said the event was also meant to preach unity among families and is happy Sulu and Tryson agreed to share the stage.

“It was not even difficult for us to convince them to come to Wedza. 

“That is the unity we want among families and it is going to be an inspiring gesture to our family as we gather to remember those who passed on.  So, apart from the Chimbetus, we also have Blessing and The Blade as well as other surprise appearances.

“We managed to put this in place because of unity. 

“We have been working on this over the years and it’s finally here,” he said.

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