Chinese sentenced to 3 years

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Chinese sentenced to 3 years


11 October 2018

HARARE regional magistrate Hosea Mujaya yesterday convicted and sentenced two Chinese nationals and their Zimbabwean counterpart involved in the Belgravia shooting.

The Chinese duo of Leo Tingpeng, 27, and Li Yize, 27, and Gamuchirai Zuze, 23, were found guilty of attempted murder after a full trial.

Tingpeng and Yize will serve three years each whilst Zuze was sentenced to two and half years after magistrate Mujaya suspended nine months on condition they won’t commit a similar crime.

The State led by Michael Reza managed to prove that the trio acted unlawfully when they gave chase to one Keith Guzah and Kudzai Nduku whom they suspected as robbers.

Tingpeng, Yize and Zuze shot Nduku on her pelvis before assaulting her.

The trio also treated Guzah in the same manner extending gun shot to his leg.

They bundled Guzah into their car boot and took him to the police.

Nduku sustained permanent injuries from the shot whilst Guzah broke his leg.




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