Chinhoyi councillor jailed

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Chinhoyi councillor jailed


Paul Pindani and John Murwira in Chinhoyi

A Councillor with the Chinhoyi Municipality and other nine accomplices was found guilty of assault and resisting arrest and sentenced to 48 months imprisonment by Chinhoyi Magistrate Tendai Banda.

Banda found the 10 guilty on the first count of assault and sentenced them to 24 months and suspended six months whilst on the second count of resisting arrest they were also found guilty and sentenced to 24 months and 6 months were again suspended for five years.

They will serve 36 months’ imprisonment.

The sentences will run separately.

The court, heard that Voster Maswevedzanwa, 40, a Zanu Pf Councillor for ward 11  who resides at   2 Acacia drive , Orange Grove, Chinhoyi, together with Disire Mwarukira, 25, Felix Makause Gonesi, 27, Njabulo Ndlovu, 24, Greythan D. Nyarukokora, 27, Simbarashe Tapfumanei, 30, Kudzanai Samuel, 30, Melusi Ndlovu, 27 and Blessing Nyango unlawfully assaulted Danny Badalani, of house no 8 , Mutsambatsi, Mufakose, and employed by ZNA and currently stationed at Chinhoyi  Army Intelligence and Joseph Kamuremwa of ZRP Chemangamba.

The court ,heard that  Maswevedzanwa and his accomplices by violent means assaulted Kamuremwa, a peace officer on duty with fists and kicked him whilst he was lying down on the ground.

The state alleges that on May 16, 2019, at around 5:30pm, Badalani, was on duty with Detective Constable, Dhirau, Cst Kamuremwa, Sgt Maone, Zimbabwe Intelligence Corps, Sgt Ali of ZPCS, doing an operation to arrest money changers.

During their tour of duty, Badalani, saw Mwakurudza, and Gonesi in a Black Audi reg AFA 6759 , parked in from of CBZ exchanging RTGS and US$ with an unknown male adult.

Mwakurudza and Gonesi, were then approached by Badalani and Cst Kamuremwa, who introduced themselves by showing their service IDs, got into the car and told the duo that they were under arrest for C/s 5 1 (a) (ll) of the Exchange Control Act Chapter, 22:05.

Mwakurudza immediately locked his vehicle and drove it, made a sudden u-turn and drove against on coming vehicle’s lane with Kamuremwa and Badalani in his car towards 24 Hour Mall Complex.

Whilst approaching, 24 hour complex, Mwakurudza shouted to other illegal money changers, telling them that Kamuremwa and his colleague were thieves and he parked his car vehicle at 24 hours.

Councillor Maswevedzanwa, pulled Kamuremwa out of the vehicle and together with his accomplices started assaulting Kamuremwa with fists all over his body and he fell to the ground and went on to kick him with booted foot all over his body.

Kamuremwa sustained some injuries and was referred to hospital for treatment.

In passing judgment, Magistrate Banda said the 10 had beaten a police officer in broad daylight and giving them a non-custodial sentence would send a wrong message to society.

Patson Chirambwi prosecuted.

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