Chinhoyi woman sponsors local riddims

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Chinhoyi woman sponsors local riddims Caroline Tendai Muguti


Paul Pindani in Chinhoyi

CHINHOYI businesswoman, Caroline Muguti, has pledged to continue sponsoring local artistes in recording riddims.

Muguti of Ericanel Private company, which trades as a Ericanel Wholesale, told H-Metro Entertainment & Lifestyle that she got connected to the Chinhoyi music industry as she had always been a music fan.

Caroline Tendai Muguti

She also said her interest in Chinhoyi music industry was further stimulated by their partnership with their brand ambassador, DJ Torne, a top music DJ.


“This helps youths in fighting against all those destructive habits outlined above. I therefore came up with the idea of this riddim and album and the fans liked it.

Caroline Tendai Muguti

“Ericanel therefore went ahead to sponsor it,” said Muguti.


She said sponsoring riddims is a good way of promoting the local music industry.


“Yes, certainly. It enables upcoming and new artists to mix and mingle, compete and showcase their talents, learn from each other and record their music at no recording cost.


“In addition, it also helps to distribute local music to a wide range of audience especially online,” said Muguti.


She said the response of sponsoring a riddim was overwhelming. She said the artists really liked the idea and greatly appreciated the gesture.


“So many artists wanted to be on the riddim. The likes of Dobba Don, Tally B, Diana Samkange supporting the new artists” she said.


Muguti said there was great future for Chinhoyi music industry.


“There is great musical talent in the youths of Chinhoyi and the future is bright.  I assure you I will support them in my next project,” said Muguti.


She urged other business persons in Chinhoyi to sponsor local music.


“I encourage fellow business persons to partner us in promoting the music industry in Chinhoyi. This would reap benefits for the youths, artists, businesses and the community in general,” said Muguti.


“Thank you very much for your support of the Ericanel Matemba Riddim, our local artists and the Ericanel Brand. I believe together we can achieve anything we put our minds to,” she said.

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