Chinotimba wary of Parly security

14 Nov, 2019 - 08:11 0 Views
Chinotimba wary of Parly security Joseph Chinotimba


Fiona Ruzha

MEMBER of Parliament for Buhera South Joseph Chinotimba has raised concern over compromised security at Parliament building.

Speaking on a point of privilege, Chinotimba said some of the people seen milling about lacked bath and seemed not fit to be security agents.

He said Parliament area was no longer safe with hordes of people always seated in the car park without any meaningful business.

“We have people loitering at the building and some in the African Unit Square whom we do not know their identity.

“Some of them will be unclean to an extent that we fail to identify them.

“Mr Speaker, may you please address this situation and if they are from security organisations I think it should be known where they are coming from.

“Some of them will be in our cars yet they are not members of the Parliament or security force.

“So I am begging that if there are members of Parliament who have their personal guards it is better they do their duties elsewhere or leave them at their different party headquarters,” he said.

Speaker of the National Assembly Advocate Jacob Mudenda said the Chinotimba had raised a serious issue.

“In other judiciary systems, no one just comes into the boundaries of Parliament without authority so I take this point of privilege seriously.

“We do not want any hangers around so we will make sure that those who wander around will not be allowed to do so,” he said.

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