Chipanga is a spirit medium: wife

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Chipanga is a spirit medium: wife



13 April 2018

Hosia Chipanga and wife

May Mpofu, wife to Zimbabwean legendary musician Hosiah Chipanga, has opened up on her relationship with the renowned artiste.

Mpofu described her husband as a humble man who needs his privacy when he gets into a creative mode.

“I give him time to compose his songs, I know each time he is quiet he will be composing a song. After some days, he will be telling us about a new song,” she said.

However, Mpofu said Chipanga can also be short tempered.

Chipanga and wife May

“He is lovely but if you provoke him he gets angry. However, I have been married to Chipanga for 32 years but I was never slapped by him. My husband is someone who is committed, he doesn’t want to be disturbed when he is doing his work.”

Mai Chipanga also revealed that her husband is a spirit medium.

“Vachipanga munhu anosvikirwa, actually when the spirit visits him, we can`t even touch him,” she said.

“I thank God because he gave me a husband who understands me as well as the children.”

Mai Chipanga even knows petty details about her husband that only a woman in love will know about her mate and she has advice for musicians’ wives on how to keep their marriages safe and their partners happy.

“My husband doesn’t want to eat vegetables, he likes rice and meat. What I can say (to fellow musicians’ wives) is as a musician’s wife you don’t have to rely on what people say about your husband, focus on what your husband is doing for you at home so that you can save your marriage.

“I as an individual, I have managed to stay with Mr Chipanga for 32 years now, I heard a lot of rumours throughout the marriage but I managed to ignore them. Now l am happily married and we now have our first grandchild.”

She did not dispute that musicians can be naughty but insisted that she only acts when she has proof.

“Yes I heard many rumours but I just ignored it, that`s why I managed to stay with my husband up to now.”

The couple is blessed with four children.

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