Chipanga seeks parly seat

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Chipanga seeks parly seat


18 June 2018

CANDID musician Hosiah Chipanga has entered the political race for Dangamvura-Chikanga where he seeks to end poverty.

The Kwachu Kwachu singer and darling to many people during the 2000s galas says he has been in the terraces for long so he intended to get into the political ‘pitch’.

He runs his campaign with theme: “Ndauya kuzopedza hurombo kwete kupedza varombo vacho.”

Chipanga will lock horns with businessman Esau Mupfumi and Prosper Mutseyami among other candidates.

“Nguva yareba ndiri mumaterrace ndichingoona bhora apa bhora racho richiitwa zvimwe zvandaiona kuti zvinofanira kuitwa neimwe nzira so I want to get into the pitch and play with them (policy makers).

“I tried to contribute through music in making a change for our country but the music got suppressed along the way.

“The only other solution left for me is to speak to those in power directly and it will be done through my participation in parliament.

“My music has been topical but policy makers have paid a deaf ear over the advice in the music; they even shut me out by snubbing my music on radio.

“This time no one will not make me unheard. I am in the ring ndivaonesewo muonero wangu kuti nyika ibudirire,” said Chipanga.

He said he is not competing for the seat with other politicians.

“This is not a contest but contribution. I am joining parliament to contribute for development.

“Handisi kubvuta gumbeze. If policy makers had heard me through my music some things could have changed but they paid a deaf ear so I will make sure I talk to them face to face in parliament.”

He said it was time to be pragmatic.

“When I expressed myself through music some saw the connection with reality as remote or divorced from reality.

“Therefore, this is time to be practical,” Chipanga said.

He said his songs were pregnant with meaning but taken for granted.

“If people had heard me on the song Kwachu Kwachu ingadai maguta edu Akanaka.

“I sang about the country’s wealth in the song Pharaoh where I talked of diamonds and now you see.

“It is time to talk directly,” said Chipanga.

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