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11 April 2018


RETIRED music promoter, Partson “Chipaz” Chimbodza, reckons enemies of progress won’t derail his progress.

He insists he will only consider making a return to showbiz after learning new trends from ‘music promoters of the moment’ running the game.

Chipaz says he decided to retrace his roots – motor mechanics – on fulltime basis, even though he managed to build his brand name in showbiz.

The 44-year-old, who exclusively told H-Metro last year that he had quit music promotion, believes he is now doing what he was born to do.

And to show that he enjoys his first job, Chipaz will today open a new branch in Southerton under the banner P & M Motors.

“Like I said when I quit music promotions last year, I had created so many enemies than friends and I just decided to do what I’m qualified to do.

“I have a certificate which shows that I am a qualified motor mechanic and that’s why I decided to come back where I belong.

“On Thursday (today), I am opening a new workshop at NO.3 Hermes Road in Southerton while the previous one along Lobengula (No.35) is now meant for panel beating.

“It was P &M Motors which gave birth to Chipaz Promotions and it feels good that we are expanding after years is music promotions,” says the former promoter during the tour of the new complex.

Chipaz said motor mechanics has always been his fallback adding that music promotion was taking its toll on him.

“Of course, I have the supporting staff at the workshops but it was difficult to strike the balance between the two.

“After doing my best in trying to uplift the artistes, I realised the majority of them were ungrateful.

“I tried to empower some of the artistes but what I got in return is not what I expected.”

As Chipaz expands his business, he also opened up on his new clientele.

“At the new workshop, we are dealing with the corporate world with a number of organisations like ZIMRA, Harare Central Hospital, ProAir, Wagon Solar Systems servicing their vehicles here.

“We also assist individuals and the good news now is that we are no longer doing BMWs only but we have expanded as we are now servicing other brands.

“We have 10 mechanics and five administrators who include accountant, marketing team and  supervisors.

“We also have towing services under the Quick Rovery banner  and we are just trying to change  the game.”

While Chipaz claims he has turned his back on music promotions, he bemoans lack of new concepts among the new crop of music promoters.

“During our time as promoters, we used to have catchy concepts like the Big Five, Big 4, Shutdown, Chipaz Bhora but right now there is virtually nothing of that sought.

“Those concepts used to promote talent and hard work as artistes wanted to be part of the elite group.

“Currently, it’s hard to come out with the Big 6 if they were to be serious about music promotions,” says Chipaz.

The dreadlocked entrepreneur also took a swipe at ungrateful artistes he empowered.

“Artistes and footballers are just the same because they will never be grateful no matter how we try to empower them.

“I have even given some artistes cars to use but what I got in return was not good at all.

“For instance, we signed Andy Muridzo and gave him a car which he damaged.

“After he damaged it, I gave him another one and he even signed a five year contract with us where he was supposed to play at Dandaro Inn but he terminated it three days after helping him to launch his album with the song Dherira and joined MTM.”

He also blasted the corporate world for its failure to endorse raw talent.

“During my time as a promoter, I realised that the corporate world was not forth-coming as they wait for the promoter to nurture an artistes and then take him away from us and give them ambassadorial roles.

“The same artistes that we would have groomed then shun us since we cannot afford them as they will be charging too much.”

Chipaz also opened up on his alleged fallout with Jah Prayzah, an artiste he helped in his formative years.

“I have no issues with Jah Prayzah because I have seen him growing and I did my part in building him.

“Of course we are no longer in touch as we used to be before because of his busy schedule.

“He is no longer servicing his cars here and I don’t have a problem with him because he is free to do what he wants in life.

“I have also invited him to Thursday’s press conference for the official opening and he said he is coming.

“If he doesn’t, it’s up to him and he is not forced to do so,” says Chipaz.

Chipaz, who also featured on the list of people who externalised foreign currency, believes his hands are clean.

“I used to promote international artistes like Charlie Black, Luciano, Davido, I-Octane and Busy Signal who all came to Zimbabwe.

“We only saw the list in the newspapers but there is enough proof of what I did with the US$42000.

“I feel as promoters we should be honoured for promoting tourism by bringing international artistes who are also key in image perception management once they return to their countries.

“However, I will comply with the authorities but I will also defend myself when there is need to do so.

With Chipaz insisting he has quit showbiz, he also has good news to motorist, celebrities and the general public.

“I have been serving cars of BMW riders like Fungisai, Macheso, Peter Moyo, Sabation Magacha, Freeman, Jay Cee among others and I won’t stop helping those who need my services.

“We also promise quality services to those driving and we hope to expand and service the whole country.”

In short, Chipaz says he has seen it all as a promoter and businessman.

He insists enemies of progress give him the strength to continue working hard.

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