Chipaz ventures into catering

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Chipaz ventures into catering Chipaz


16 August 2018


AFTER the recent closure of Dandaro Inn, which was razed to earth in an inferno, award-winning music promoter – Partson “Chipaz” Chimbodza – has ventured into catering.

Chipaz, who turns 45 later this year, has named his new and exquisite eatery after his mother, Tamari.

Simply called PaTamari Restaurant, the eatery which was officially opened yesterday, is housed at his new workshop located in Southerton.

Chipaz could not hide his elation to set up a new facility after losing Dandaro Inn, which had become an entertainment hub in the capital.

“It feels good that I have set up this eatery today after all that has happened before.

“I have also named it after my mother Tamari and I had to consult her first.

“Our meals are really affordable and we decided to set up the eatery at our workshop to ensure that it becomes a one stop show.

“The place is also convenient as we do target everyone since our meals start from a $1 to $40,” he said.

Similar sentiments were echoed by one of Chipaz’s most trusted lieutenants Oscar Nembire.

“This is just the beginning of great things to come and we are still targeting our clients who used to drive to Dandaro Inn as well as mdhara Chipaz’s clients who have been loyal to him.

“We are also targeting new clients and it is our wish that make a mark in this catering industry.

“As you can see, our meals are affordable and this is one of the projects he has been working at.

“Now that there is space, we decided that we simply set up it hear.  Chipaz who also runs Tamari Inn in his hometown of Guruve has also decided to name this new eatery after.

“He loves his mother who has also blessed him as an entrepreneur, music promoter and for all the achievements he has made.

“Like any other business, we are open for advice and we also take their suggestions seriously,” he said.

Nembire said they will be soon running promotions to regular customers.

“Of course summer is now upon us and we will run special offers and promotions.

“As you can see, we also have space and people can drive in and get a feel of what we are offering here,” he added.

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