Chipfumo’s heart bleeds for less privileged people

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MUSICIAN Progress Chipfumo says his heart bleeds for the poor.

The Sounds of Motherland boss, who was raised at an orphanage at some point, believes he has plenty to offer to change other people’s lives.

The singer will render his services at the launch of a new foundation dubbed ‘Forward Nyanyiwa Foundation’ (FNF) to be unveiled on August 26 at Mukarakate Business Centre in Murehwa.

Named after the Ireland-based health worker and journalist, Forward Nyanyiwa, the foundation seeks to empower privileged children, the vulnerable and orphans, through various projects.

His inclusion of Chipfumo has since raised the appeal of the forth-coming event.

“Progress Chipfumo, besides being a personal friend, he understands my vision very well as he also grew up in an underprivileged family in which he had to get support from external hands.

“It is something he will understand and give all he can to keep the dream alive.

“Progress Chipfumo is also a big entertainer whom I think is unmatched. 

“His music message resonates with what I am gunning for. 

“The song ‘Cheuka’ sums it all,” he says.

Nyanyiwa, who also supports artists, believes Chipfumo’s visit will come at the right time when the area is starved of high profile gigs.

“In terms of entertainment value, I think we need to make noise from the word go.

“Mukarakate Township is nestled down in the village and the last time there was a musical live show was in 1997 when David Mabvuramiti came and rocked. 

“Chipfumo’s presence will actually draw crowds and that is the visibility and reach we want.”

Nyanyiwa, who is funding the project from own coffers, has also invited partners to come on board.

“From potential partners, I just wish that they can realise that despite being privileged, they need to share as well.

“I want support in every sense of it, be it technical or material.

“Together, we can knit a society we want as we drive the Government mantra of leaving no one behind. The small you have can positively change someone’s life.”

He added:

“I would to see my foundation to make efforts to promote and nurture under-privileged children, the vulnerable and orphans by empowering them through existing frameworks so that they can be able to provide and sustain their lives from generation to generation;

“To provide under-privileged, vulnerable and orphans with a basic foundation for education and health through reinstitution.

“To provide primary health accessibility for the vulnerable, orphans, elderly and underprivileged.”

Chipfumo said:

“I will do my best to change other people’s lives, especially the less privileged ones.

“We were also helped by others and I want to extend the same love I got years back.

“I am willing to help others and see how it goes into shaping their future.”

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