Chipo, most underrated

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Chipo, most underrated


Shelly Guni

​The Rainbow Amateur Netball League is filled with a number of star players who continue to dominate the headlines as a result of their pieces of individual brilliance.

However, there are other players that, for whatever reason, simply don’t get the recognition they deserve.

It is a cruel old world, isn’t it?

One of those players is Platinum’s Chipo Shoko.

Of course, she gets recognition for her performances, but it’s nowhere near what she deserves.

The 25-year-old is one player that quietly goes about her work week-in, week-out.

She may not earn rave reviews for her stunning rebound takes, or her effortless shooting, but she is a vital member of the Platinum’s attack, doing the dirty work and working tirelessly to help her side.

This attitude, mixed with her ability on the ball (shooting and rebound taking) makes her a truly outstanding netballer.

Other netball players and coaches showers praises to the player whom they also regard as underrated.

ZDF Queens captain, Caroline Matura said: “Personally I think she is a great player but just underappreciated.”

Ngezi Platinum coach, Tatenda Shinya also share the same sentiments with Matura.

“As for me she is one of the best shooters in the league and she is just an underrated player.

“She is unique a lot of hard work, good rebounder and she is a team player who plays for the team not for personal glory,” he said.

Tenax Queens star, Edzai Nkosana believes Shoko will go far.

“She is a very good player. Not a rough one, even if you hurt her -say by mistake – she doesn’t retaliate. She plays smart netball. If you not careful enough she can make life hard for you as a defence player. She has a bright future,” Edzai says

Beta Queens assistant coach Daniel Dauya believes Shoko is a talented player who just need much experience to achieve more.

“She is good but here in Zimbabwe we don’t value talent. She is one of the best players who needs a lot of exposure and also her height is an advantage. if you look, she plays basic netball she is more like Paida Tinoza.”

Glow Petroleum goal-shooter Christine Kadandara said Shoko is a good player with a great future.

“She is good and she doesn’t have pride. Isimbi yebasa,” she says.

Ngezi Platinum player and former Platinum Queens player Sonia Chari has great admiration for the player.

“She is a very good player. Out of 10 goal-shooters in Zimbabwe she makes it in the top three.

“And there is something unique about her type of play, she is cool, plays basic netball and always plays her heart out,” she said.

Shoko is a former Mnene High School student, her netball career dates back to her primary school days at Mponjani in Mberengwa.

She joined Platinum Queens in 2017 and has established a base in the Zvishavane based side.

She is yet to receive a national team call up, which is one of her dreams.

In 2018, she was named the best shooter in the RANL pre-season tournament which was held in Bulawayo while her team won gold.

But before that she was named the 2017 best shooter during Platinum Queens end of year Awards ceremony.

She also had a decent 2019 season, managing to get a number of player of the match awards.

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