Chipo The Trouble Causer Off The Hook

Zvikomborero Parafini
SOCIAL media personality, Chipo The Troublecauser, who was in trouble for assault, was yesterday let off the hook after the complainant withdrew charges before plea.
Precious Chigodora told magistrate Lyn Chizhou that she had forgiven Chipo The Troublecauser, whose real name is Donna Chasaya, her sister Candice and their friend Everlyn Chandengenda.

She said she was no longer interested in pursuing the matter.

The trio faced accusations of tarnishing Chipo’s image on social media over an unpaid debt.

The bone of contention between the two arose after Chipo The Troublecauser allegedly took clothes on credit, which she later failed to pay for.
Tinos Masimba appeared for the State.

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