Chirambadare’s lockdown struggles

21 May, 2020 - 13:05 0 Views
Chirambadare’s lockdown struggles Edmore Chirambadare


Blessing Malinganiza, Sports Reporter
Real Kings winger Edmore Chirambadare says life without his favorite sport,football is not easy.
All football activities were put on hold world over due to the Covid-19 except the Bundesliga who resumed their season last week.
Nicknamed “Spanner” Chirambadare however reckons though he misses football, health comes first.
“We were advised to stay indoors to protect ourselves from the virus.
“Yes l’m living in one of the hotspots but l am safe.
“ l am taking all the precautionary measures which includes, washing hands with water and soup, sanitizing and maintaining the social distance.
“And each time I decide to go out I wear my mask everytime I will be going to buy groceries or to get any other necessities,” he said.
He added:
“Living without football is not easy but I try to keep myself busy with alot of reading and games.
“We miss football, l think every player can testify that even fans can tell you that they miss it.
“But we understand why it was put on hold because our health matters more.”
Chirambadare says he has put himself on a fitness programme in order to remain fit and ready when the season resumes.
“I have decided to put myself on a fitness programme by training at least twice everyday for more than an hour.
“I understand that as athletes we should always be fit because when this is all over we need to go back to the pitch.
“So yeah we have we have to be fit that’s why l’m training,” he said.
He said that the suspension of the season was a setback since he had planned on scoring more for his team.
“This is setback because with how i had imagined my performance at the club I wanted more goals and wins.
“I had planned to more for the club and show my worth,” he said.
Chirambadare encourages fellow Zimbabweans to stay safe during this time.
“ l want to encourage people back home to stay safe and let’s help fight this disease.
Lets sanitize,maintain social distancing and put on our face masks at all times,
we can defeat this Covid 19,” he said.

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