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20 March 2018


WISDOM Mutasa was substituted in the first half against Harare City, and he won’t be the last player that will experience CAPS United coach Lloyd Chitembwe’s ruthlessness.

Chitembwe has built himself a unique reputation of a coach who is frank with his players.

To add to the coach’s bold decisions, the player that replaced Wisdom, Tony Fugo, was again replaced by Milton Ncube in the second half as he tried to find a solution on the left side.

The match ended goalless.

“The problem is all the changes were effected on the left side. It is something that we have been working on. The reason why we put in Fugo after Wisdom was because I thought Fugo was going to give us a lot of imagination going forward, something that we didn’t have, that Wisdom was not giving.

“But then he also was not giving us much defensively and offensively and we then brought in Milton who is also in terms of fitness level, not there. But generally I’ m happy with the contribution,” Chitembwe said after the game.

In the past, players at CAPS United have indicated that Chitembwe can substitute anyone at any stage if he is not happy with his contribution.

Former Abbas Amidu is on record saying it only motivates players to work extra hard.

One of the players who impressed Chitembwe on Sunday is Kudzi Nyamufukudza.

“It was okay, he did what I expected him to do. So I’m very happy with his contribution.

“For Kudzi, he is a very important player for our team considering that he is the kind of player who takes up responsibility,” Chitembwe said.

“He gives us so many options on the pitch and gives us so many solutions on the pitch.

“He is a very important player, sometimes he is playing as a right back player and sometimes as a central midfield player.”

As the season progresses, what is certain is that CAPS United’s first XI could change.

“What is important is that the players training regularly and train correctly. In this case what is more important is that we put a lot of attention and detail, something that is very important. It is how you behave the moment you lose possession which defines football matches.

“Previously we were doing that because we had very pace forwards. At the moment we do not have those pace forwards but all the same, we have duty to perform.

“Losing some of these players chokes us going forward. Hardy gives us so much on the pitch. And off the pitch his personality is great. If you have someone with those great qualities on the pitch and off the pitch, it will obviously affect the team,” said the CAPS coach.

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