Chitown doctors at work

28 Nov, 2019 - 13:11 0 Views


Fiona Ruzha, H-Metro Reporter

DOCTORS at Chitungwiza Central Hospital have heeded to the outgrowing calls to end the over 80-days strike and are reporting for duty as usual.

Despite the stance taken by other senior doctors at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals to down tools demanding the immediate reinstatement of 435 junior doctors who were fired by the Government for not reporting for duty citing incapacitation, doctors at Chitungwiza have not been affected by the ongoing situation.

Speaking to H-Metro, Chitungwiza Central Hospital chief executive officer Dr Enock Mayida said it was business as usual as patients were being attended to.

“The doctors have reported for duty regardless of the stance taken by other doctors because they know the importance of saving lives,” he said.

The Chitungwiza maternity section has become the referral point centre for women seeking maternity services.

He said the section can accommodate at least 100 women and people come as far as from Epworth to access services Chitungwiza is the only hospital that still offers caesarean deliveries after the strike.

However, there have been complaints from other maternity patients arguing that they were asked to pay in US dollars if they wanted to be attended to.

Dr Mayida said he was not aware that this has been happening at the hospital.

“This is news to me; we have never heard of this complaint before but we will investigate the matter and the people involved will be accountable for what they have done,” he said.

Meanwhile, in the recent Cabinet briefing, the Government assured the nation that the situation in the health sector will return to normalcy.

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