Milicent Chasinda

NEWLY-ELECTED Chitungwiza Junior Mayor, Denzel Hwata, said they will address issues such as drug abuse and create opportunities for skills development and youth employment.

Denzel, who is an A-Level student at Seke High School, said his junior council will create a child-friendly environment that is free from substance abuse, early marriages, child abuse and child labour with the help of the community.

He said this at the inauguration of the Chitungwiza Junior Council under the theme ‘The Right of a Child in the Digital Environment’.

“I joined the junior council to be the voice of the unheard, to reach out for help and address crucial matters in the lives of young children in Chitungwiza.

“With the help and support of my fellow councillors, I wish to bring change in our society by addressing issues affecting young people.

“For example, drug abuse that has been on the rise.

“In addition to campaigning against it, we shall also strive to address the main cause of it,” said Denzel.

Don Mundicha, who was elected deputy junior mayor, said that they want to create a child friendly environment.

“We want to eradicate child rights violations. We will also be embarking on various anti-substance abuse campaigns to create a child friendly environment,” said Don.

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