Chitown nurse scam exposed

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26 February 2019

Talent Gore

A Chitungwiza man, who is believed to be a con artist, is duping people and promising job interviews at Chitungwiza Central Hospital for a fee.

The alleged conman’s number – 0783973087- is registered for Ecocash under the name Denford Vinyu.

It is also claimed that various amounts from $500 are being charged for one to get a place to train as a nurse or laboratory technician.

Another number 0733223236 is being used for calls only by the conman, who is posing himself as a Chitungwiza Hospital worker.

Allegations are that the conman asked for $150 from an aspiring student (name supplied) at Chitungwiza Hospital on the promise that he would arrange a job interview.

The aspiring student then asked for money from his brother to make the payment but the brother then sought to investigate since there were many stories concerning the suspected conman.

H-Metro has since established that the suspected conman has inside links as he calls aspiring candidates and mentions other staffers by names mentioning that the boss in the nursing school comes from Bulawayo.

The Health Service Board has since issued a statement indicating that they do not charge for any of the recruitment processes.

“Registration of candidates into this database has been decentralized to provinces (PMD offices) and it is free, we have noted with great concern the emergence of some unscrupulous elements claiming to have the mandate to offer employment for job seekers for a fee.

“Our services are free, hence nobody should be cheated into paying anyone in return for employment, if anyone asks you to pay in return for a job, you are advised to report the matter to the nearest police station or to the nearest Health Service Board.

“The Board refers candidates for interview and deployment to various health institutions upon the declaration of a vacant post by the institution and qualifications for the interviews is subject to meeting the requirements of the post applied for,” HSB said.

Contacted for comment, the suspected conman said he does not know anything about it and he has never done such a thing before.

“I don’t know what you are talking about, I also want to hear where this is coming from because this is news to me.

“I have never indulged in such an act and neither am I doing it right now, the person who said this might be lying,” he said despite call recordings and messages evidence availed to this publication.

There is a recording between the conman and one of the aspiring candidates and below is the conversation between the two:

Conman: Munin’ina wazoti chii, ndandicti chiita ka payback.

Student: Ah horaiti ndandichambogeza, because blaz vanga vasiri kupicker phone, saka ndokwanisa kuzokuonai zvenguvai?

Conman: Munin’ina izvezvi ndakatumira matsamba nezuro saka parcel ndikutonotumira izvezvi ma invites for those who managed to pass saka nguva handina shamwari saka ndikuda kuziva kuti pane chiripo here nditaure nemadhara ndibva ndangotumira neyako ugare wangotora zvinhu zvacho because tiri kumashure and Friday vamwe vakutobuda, mashefu akubuda manje manje saka time.

Student: Horaiti ivo vanga vachiti bho vanosorter then vanga vachibvunza kuti tinokwanisa kuzviita zvarinhi.

Conman: Ndikutoda izvezvi ka kana paine zviripo ngazvitoite, karipai Kamari kacho coz ndokwanisa kukupa ecocash ye one of the coordinator wongoisa imomo because time handina. Vanobuda manje saka ndinenge ndakutonyora ka memo vobva vasigner ndobva ndatotumira invitation yako, haisi problem zvese, zvese zvinenge zviribho ndovanokuisa pa interview ivavo. Saka zvondoita ka chimera ndikupe phone number dzavo asi tanga wanzwa ne brother yacho kti vane mari izvezvi here. One of the guys akuda kutobuda anogara kuBulawayo saka vakazobuda manhe anenge ama1 because ndovano signer zvakawanda-wanda. So ibva watongoita chi payback izvezvi

Student: horaiti

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