Chitown, residents in land row

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Chitown, residents in land row


Tatenda Chipungudzanye, News Editor

SEWERAGE problems dogging Chitungwiza seem to be far from over with council having parcelled land along drainage lines.

Residents have registered dismay over the allocation of stands saying allowing stands on sewer lines would only worsen their woes in Seke’s Unit O and G suburbs.

Council recently allocated land to Councillor Tsverere in Unit O where he sought to build a house at a stand which is on top of sewer line while more stands were created in Unit G with residents questioning the manner it was done.

One Peter Nengeze who is into welding and working at the place said Tsverere had approached them at their workshop with an offer letter from council and a plan for a house.

“Our sewer problem surely will never end.

“Just recently a councillor Tsverere came with a map an offer letter for a residential stand at a place that has sewer pipes beneath.

“We then wonder what is really happening at council. We have been using this piece of land for welding but it boggles the mind to see a councillor coming with an offer letter for a residential purpose at a piece of land near the manhole,” said Nengeze.

Cllr Tsverere said the department of physical planning and engineering knew better of the places.

“I got the stand as part of my service condition and the department of physical planning and engineering does that,” said Tsverere.

He said Nengeze, who is doing a welding project at the place, was not handling the matter in a proper way going to the media and not council.

“Why did he come with the issue to the media rather than going to council.

“He should approach council,” said Cllr Tsverere.

One glazier at Unit G open space said they have been paying rates to council and were only surprised to see people coming with offer letters on the land they have been occupying.

“It is in the knowledge of Chitungwiza town council that there are indigenous people occupying these spaces.

“There are people coming to us claiming they are from the local board with papers with transaction figures and stamps without signature.

“We also, as occupants, went there asking for board rights to grant us permission to apply for the proposed land for the proposed business but they told us that they don’t have any plans with the same place.

“We still need that place since we have been occupants from 2000 until now. What is confusing now is we see people with papers of the same council which turned down claiming they were given stands,” said one Mupoperi.

Acting Town Clerk David Duma yesterday said he would check with the town planner and come up with correct information.

“In Unit O, the town planner said there is no sewer line passing through and in Unit G, the other side was given for churches,” Duma said.

Duma said he would check for the residential stands on the other part of Unit G.

“I am not aware of the residential stands created on the other side. I will have to check,” he said.

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