Chitown water supply improves

07 Apr, 2021 - 09:04 0 Views
Chitown water supply improves


Kumbirai Mutengo

CHITUNGWIZA has had improvements in tap water rationing with most suburbs getting the precious liquid thrice a week since the beginning of the year.

Residents in the nearby Unit B said the water situation in the area had improved unlike other years where they would go for months without water.


“It is better that there is water coming out of taps unlike most of the years,” said one of the residents.


Most Chitungwiza residents dug up wells to assist themselves with as water rarely comes out of the tap.


With the absence of potable water in the town, a time bomb was ticking.


Residents have had to resort to buying water costing around $10 per bucket from those who have boreholes.


Chitungwiza Spokesperson Lovemore Meya said they were getting water supplies every day from Harare.


“There has been an improvement on water supplies from Harare such that we have changed our rationing schedule by concentrating it to our reservoirs.


“The northern suburbs like Unit B are now getting it three times per week, while the other part of the town is getting twice.


“Harare is supplying us on a daily basis and with the good rains experienced this year, it also guarantees improved supplies,” Meya said.

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