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CHITOWN’S SEWAGE ‘RIVER’ The area has since been nicknamed 'Hunyani River' due to the ever-flowing sewage that has turned it into a health hazard


Shelly Guni, H-Metro Reporter

CHITUNGWIZA Municipality is working on a long term plan to make sure that the continuous burst of sewer pipes at corner Hombarume and Rufaro road is fixed.

The area has since been nicknamed ‘Hunyani River’ due to the ever-flowing sewage that has turned it into a health hazard.


In an interview with H-Metro, Chitungwiza Municipality public relations officer, Lovemore Meya said the area has some outdated toilets that continue to put pressure on the pipes.

Lovemore Meya

“In respect to the issue at corner Rufaro and Hombarume, the long term measure is that, we want to upgrade the toilets in that area because you would realise that they still have squat pans and as a result they are exposed to sand ingress that are going in the system and then clogging our pipes and the problem will continue.


“But in the mean time we always attend whenever there are blockages,” he said.


Motorists could be seen avoiding the area and using other alternative routes.


H-Metro spoke to some motorists who expressed their disappointment over the issue.


“It’s been years since this problem started. The council should make a plan and solve whatever problem the area has.


“It becomes worrisome when our municipality fails to fix something like this for over three years now yet we pay for all these things,” one motorist said.


“Sometime we are forced to divert our routes just to avoid this area; I can not go to work with a car that will be smelling sewage.


“It’s so sad that week in week out the sewage pipes here will burst. The council needs to be serious,” another motorist added.

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