Chitungwiza residents present petition

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13 December  2018

Chitungwiza residents yesterday presented a petition to the Ministry of Local Government Public Works and National Housing and the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare calling for them to intervene over poor service delivery by the town council.

The petition carries a 14-day ultimatum for the concerned authorities to respond.

Chitungwiza residents want both the Local Government and National Housing Minister, July Moyo and the Labour and Social Welfare Minister, Sekesai Nzenza to address the issue.

Residents are unhappy with the road network which is no longer trafficable in most parts despite ZINARA channelling funds, water connections which council is ignoring, illegal structures causing sewer bursts and lack of refuse collection.

Chitungwiza residents, old people, workers and rate payers, a group that has been at loggerheads with Chitungwiza Municipality, say the corruption by council officials must be die.

One of the group’s leader, Reverend Ephraim Katsina, yesterday vowed to continue fighting until sanity is installed by Chitungwiza Municipality.

“We want all our grievances that are making us vulnerable in Chitungwiza to be addressed by the responsible ministries.

“We demand that the acting Mayor, the DA and both ministers to help us to articulate these grievances in a holistic manner.

“Residents want lasting solutions to problems devilling the ghost town of Chitungwiza,” he said.

Reverend Katsina said among other things, their local authority was failing to curb corruption.

“Over 20 000 houses are not in the council’s data base which is the reason why only 40 percent residents are accountable for rentals.

“Some equipment is missing since 2011 but no arrests have been made.

“Almost a quarter of the council’s revenue is being spent on unnecessary workshops whilst workers have gone for more than 33 months without salaries,” he said.



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