Chitungwiza stops development on community ground

Latwell Nyangu

The Chitungwiza Municipality has with immediate effect stopped the construction which is being undertaken by a private developer on a community ground.

The decision was made after residents demonstrated against the developer citing that the place hosts community activities which benefit them.

On Wednesday, some residents went to the place to stop the developer from constructing the security wall.

Last year the residents petitioned the council to stop allocating the place to anyone.

Chitungwiza Municipality Spokesperson Lovemore Meya said, they have since stopped operations at the space.

“We have stopped them from developing and have since been invited to our offices for deliberations over the issue,” he said.

Residents who spoke to H-Metro said the ground should remain undeveloped as it helps youths to be away from drug-related activities.

“We have come together to make sure this ground is not used for other development because it is helping our young people.

“This ground has produced players who are doing well in their respective clubs.

“It has been giving our youths an opportunity to interact and if these young people have nothing to do, they end up engaging in drug abuse.

“We need these children to be occupied. The place also hosts churches and several activities. It can be used for vocational training.”

Another resident said:

“We need this private developer to be stopped and people have done a good thing.”

The petition reads which was addressed to the council read:

“It is with great displeasure that we write to you as the local authority in the manner in which our soccer grounds opposite Chitungizwa town centre was allocated to an unknown somebody who is currently erecting a fence around the ground.

“This ground hosts 10 plus community soccer teams who use the ground for both training and games against competitors.

“The ground is a host to a vast number of soccer academies which promotes the building and growing of young soccer talents within and surrounding communities as it is the only ground.

“The grounds are a breeding ground for a lot of talent and the ground is a symbol of hope and good upbringing for the community.”

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