Chivaviro marks return

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Chivaviro marks return Rev Togarepi Chivaviro


Mathew Masinge, Entertainment Reporter

Reverend Togarepi Chivaviro’s successful online launch last Friday marked his safe return as a fulltime musician after a two-year-sabbatical.

He says he was a bit nervous but at the back of his mind knew that his fans would embrace his 18th offering in an impressive response.


Such was the United States based singer’s confidence that he gave it all during the online launch.


During the live launch, Chivaviro’s album was endorsed by fellow musician Stanley Mutemererwa, Eric Knight.


“It’s a wonderful journey back in the studio and I can only say all is well and the fans from across the world played their part by joining the album live launch.


“I had spent the last two year preparing for such a return and it really met my expectations, I was a bit nervous but when fans joined in I was engulfed by their support.


“The launch is done and I wish to thank all who supported us financially and my family for the emotional support,” narrated Chivaviro.


For Chivaviro, formalizing the album release was possible due to a network of friends and fans who have been his pillar throughout his career.


Musician Stanley Mutemererwa said the album is captivating.


“Reverend Chivaviro has made me proud, the album carries a beautiful message and preaches to his audience.


“I also pray that as the listener goes through each song may be blessed and receive what they wish for,” he said.


Another musician Mai Chimuka said;


“I want to congratulate Reverend Chivaviro on yet another successful album, may the lord continue giving him strength and wisdom to continue speaking through his music.


“On behalf of every artiste who follow him and learn from him would like to continue urging him to do more,” she said.


UK based broadcaster Eric Knight feels Chivaviro was able to relate to the current world order through his album.


“It’s more of a prayer thanking God and the artiste was able to express his message which is very important.


“For me Kana Wakayambuka is the song to listen to and on behalf of broadcasters would like to congratulate Reverend Chivaviro for encouraging us,” he said.


The six-track album was sold through funds transfer to a USA cashapp, Ecocash , South Africa’s Ewallet and banks.


The music is now available on Spotify, Amazon, iTunes and YouTube.


The album was also launched with an accompanying video for the title song Kana Wakayambuka.


Chivaviro has launched his merchandise website revttchivaviro which houses products from all his music creation.

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