CHIVAYO SPLASHES US$30K ON VHARAZIPI TRIO. . . Comedian begs for a car

Trust Khosa

WICKNELL Chivayo yesterday gifted the ZIYA Cultural Arts Trust trio cast – Vharazipi, Chairman and Mbuya Mai John US$10 000 cash each for their skits, which have kept people entertained in recent weeks.

Before yesterday’s gesture, Chivayo gave Masvingo’s decorated Master of Ceremonies and Ndarama High teacher, David Masomere, a brand new Toyota GD6 and a house.

He also donated a Toyota GD6 and house to Chief Hwenje for his song “Mai Welly,” which has become a hit among Zimbabweans.

Last week, Chivayo shared a post on his social media handles promising to honour Vharazipi and his two cast members.

And, exactly a week after he made the announcement, Vharazipi and crew were each given US$10 000.

Added to that, they were given US$2000 for refuelling.

Vharazipi – real name David Mubaiwa –  was ecstatic after he received the money.

Basa raitwa nemukuru tinoritenda, tazviona asi sabhuku vanofamba neshoka,” joked Vharazipi insinuating that he also needed a car.

Chivayo was surprised when he met Mbuya Mai John (Kumbirai Chikonye) who was elegantly dressed as compared to the character who appears in skits.

“The way she appears in videos, I thought she was an old woman,” said Chivayo.

After the donations, the trio joined Chivayo and Chief Hwenje for a group photo.

Chief Hwenje said he was happy that he was now a landlord, although he could not reveal where he acquired the new house.

Chivayo has been splashing money on outstanding personalities, with the latest being musicians and comedians.

H-Metro has been trying to secure an interview with Chivayo to get an insight into why he has suddenly turned himself into such a “Good Samaritan” and to get an idea of his source of income which has turned him into a multi-millionaire.

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