Chiwanza charms NUST students

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Chiwanza charms NUST students


11 September 2018

FORMER Affirmative Action Group president, Chamu Chiwanza, charmed NUST students as he delivered a public lecture.

Chiwanza enlightened students on how they can have a positive mentality towards being a prosperous international business persons.

“There is power in inspiration, people can go to school and become very learned, but if they are not motivated to become a success, they might never be successful.

“I am a product of inspiration, I have been inspired by a lot and a lot of people, young and old, male and female, in a lot of things that they have done and our youths need to elevate their thinking because the most malignant facing our youths it is ‘The Blindness Of The Mind’.

“I have declared over and over again that I am not aspiring to become one of the most famous or the richest Zimbabweans, to have lived, but I guarantee you that I will spark the brain that will become the richest Zimbabwean.”

“I have the passion for developing the young entrepreneurs, I have the passion for developing our you stars, and our young talent, they need the support,” said he said.

Chiwanza emphasised more on the need to think wisely.

“Thinking is important as we are all what we think, I can tell a story about a man if I see the woman that he chooses to marry.

“I can still tell a story equally if I see a man that a woman chooses to marry, even the dressing that you see a lot of people putting on is the result of their thinking,” he said.

Chiwanza said the youths are on the receiving end due to lack of lack advisers who give them direction towards their future.

“More demerits haunting this world’s global youths due to not thinking, non-thinking youths, a culminations of not having been inspired and sparked by positive corporate life thinkers.

“I passionately volunteered, guaranteed and often declared to aspire, inspire and spark the brain that shall become the most famous or richest Zimbabwean just by that corner of this time on earth.

“If you want to know why there is widespread corruption, why lack of transparency and accountability amongst our youths, why there is senseless tribalism and cyber wars it is because there is need to be inspired and sparked to think.”

NUST students appreciated Chiwanza’s “selfless wisdom.”

“Mr Chamu Chiwanza, the former Affirmative Action Group second president’s public lecture here at NUST was quiet inspirational.

“It highlighted on critical issues like, he advised the youths to desist from living an artificial life and commence thinking exclusively hard for a tangibly successful future life.

“We are hopeful that after hearing such words of wisdom from that successful entrepreneur, we code-named renamed Charm Chamu Chiwanza, our lives shall surely change, really, we were inspired,” said ZICOSU Bulawayo Chapter Provincial Chairman Blessing Zizhou.

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