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4 October 2016

. . . Mubaiwa changes mind!

. . . Board to decide on future

Philip Chiyangwa

Philip Chiyangwa

ZIFA President Philip Chiyangwa has intervened at Dynamos to stop the circus that reached climax last week.

The intervention will mean president Kenny Mubaiwa, who was ready to resign officially, bounces back while names that had been ear-marked to form a new club executive could be shelved for now.

HAPPIER DAYS - Chikengezha - Mubaiwa - Marriot

HAPPIER DAYS – Chikengezha – Mubaiwa – Marriot

Chiyangwa met the Dynamos board to understand their position after Mubaiwa hinted to H-Metro that he was calling it quits and waiting for a meeting to officialise his position.

By the time the board representatives met their club president yesterday, Chiyangwa, who is outside the country, had already spoken to board chairman Bernard Marriot to resolve the issue.

“That Dynamos issue is history. I met Marriot to understand what has really been going on. By now I’m sure they have met Mubaiwa and resolved their differences for the good of the club and football in general.

“There should be no problem and no issues of resignation. I made it known to them that we deal with the club president and when he makes a decision or announces something, it should be binding. The board should just be there for policy framework whilst the executive led by the president run the club,” said Chiyangwa.

The club was left in a crisis after Mubaiwa took a back seat after the Tsholotsho league match.

The public fall-out between board and president – which saw the board defying Mubaiwa’s orders – was the last blow and a meeting between the two parties failed to take place twice last week.

Yesterday they finally met – as confirmed by Chiyangwa – to discuss many issues with a resolution that the board will officially announce the position of the club to the public.

What is clear is Mubaiwa did not tender his resignation.

Kenny Mubaiwa

Kenny Mubaiwa

By last night it was however, not clear if they had found common ground on how they should work from now.

The businessman has been taking a lot of flak from Dynamos fans for the better part of the year even though the board had increasing become involved in the day-to-day running of the club, as revealed by H-Metro in the last weeks.

Chiyangwa said Dynamos must work towards realising their full potential.

“I have told them Dynamos are a big brand and by now should be listed on the stock market and all the founder members should actually benefit more. Not what is currently prevailing. But as we speak, there is no crisis anymore,” said Chiyangwa.

The club’s board could not be reached last night to give more details of their meeting with Mubaiwa.

Another source close to the situation at the club said:

“There were lot of things to consider. The alternatives to replace him (Mubaiwa) are always there even when things are normal. A lot of people want to be in charge at Dynamos.

“But this separation had to be properly defined and needed a real basis. This is a board that cannot hold their own president to account because they participate in some of the decisions made by the executive which should not be the case.

“This is also a critical time for the club as they are looking for new sponsorship as a club for next season.”

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