CHOLERA CASES DOUBLE. . . council says situation under control

Tanaka Nyambo

Harare City Council has advised families to limit their movements, avoid attending funerals and be cautious about where they eat due to an increasing number of cholera cases.

The council has recorded 12 positive patients from six last week.

It is urging people to take precautionary measures, including being clean, especially in their homes and communities, and seeking medical attention early if they display symptoms of diarrhoea and vomiting.

Council’s health services director, Prosper Chonzi, said they have the situation under control with enough medication and trained nurses to treat patients.

However, he is encouraging people to remain vigilant and help contain the disease.

“We have trained our nurses and put them in local clinics to treat patients and we currently have enough medication and staff to treat our patients.

“If it increases, we will get help from our partners.

“We hope that the cases do not increase and we also encourage families to be extra clean and avoid moving from city to city where they might get cholera,” said Chonzi.

Mayor Ian Makone said they were trying to contain the outbreak but needed people to help by maintaining cleanliness to avoid the spread of cholera.

“Service delivery is currently a problem but we are working on it.

“We have more water chemicals now to deal with the water situation and we are looking forward to getting trucks for garbage collection,” he said.

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