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HARARE has reported five new cases of cholera in areas where residents have gone without running water in recent days.

Harare City Council has been struggling to obtain water treatment chemicals, with one recent local authority statement reporting that “the situation remains dire”.

The new cases were reported in Stoneridge, Granary, Adbernnie Mbare and Hopley Zone 5, with three linked to contacts with people from Buhera, which has been experiencing an outbreak over the last few weeks.

“The city would like to inform residents that it has now five confirmed cholera cases in Hopley Zone 5, Stoneridge, Southlands, Granary, and Adbernnie Mbare.

“We urge all residents in these affected areas and Greater Harare to take necessary precautions to avoid contracting cholera,” the council said in a statement.

The first cholera case this year was reported on February 12 in Chegutu and more than 15 lives were lost.

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