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The lockdown situation caused by Covid-19 has forced many to stay at home living unhealthy lives. Many who are working from home or unable to leave their homes due to the lockdown are doing nothing besides eating and sleeping.

There is a need for such persons to start an exercising routine and also watch what they eat.

Eating healthy, exercising daily and maintaining a healthy lifestyle that does not involve taking in harmful substances and or bad food is necessary not just in the lockdown situation but in life generally.

It is important to treat every sunrise as a chance for a new beginning as far as one’s health is concerned.

A person who respects their health and wellbeing will not be seen smoking marijuana – or any other cigarette as “smoking is hazardous to health”.
A respectable member of society will not partake in activities that are illegal, will not abuse alcohol, will not speak dirty – they will make all their decisions based on the respect they have for themselves.
If you are a young unmarried person who chooses to respect themselves, you will not be taken advantage of sexually because you will respect your body.
So our lives are accurately a measure of how much respect we have for ourselves.
The truth is every day we should wake up and make decisions on how to better our lives. Life constantly gives us opportunities to be better and set new goals to aim at.
The best time to change for the better or aim at something great is now, and we should constantly learn from those around us about the benefits of living healthy lifestyles.

Living healthy means more than just exercising and eating good food.

People must also know the importance of practicing safe sex and getting tested for HIV and other STIs to prevent infections and illnesses from harming them or their partners.

Those that are HIV positive can also live to old age if they follow doctors’ orders about their prescriptions and take their HIV medication exactly as prescribed.

People should also be careful not to abuse drugs or alcohol as this can greatly affect their health.

Smoking is also hazardous to health as even cigarette adverts warn. Giving up cigarettes is beneficial for anyone. Stopping all tobacco use will help you live healthier and feel better, as well as prevent a number of health problems and reduce your risk of serious events like heart attack and stroke.

Physical and mental exercise can also keep one’s mind and body strong. Regular physical exercise, such as walking, biking, running, swimming, and mental exercises like doing a daily crossword puzzle or playing brain-challenging games can also help maintain one’s cognitive health in this lockdown situation.



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