Christian Union fights drug abuse

Chido Mavindidze

THE Boys Christian Union (BCU) is conducting anti-drugs awareness programmes and providing counselling for victims of drug abuse in Kuwadzana Extension.

The programme is aimed at discouraging youths to steer clear of drugs.

It also aims to help the victims become self-sustainable and independent.

They are hoping to create a drug-free community, where individuals can achieve their goals without the negative influence of drugs.

The BCU team hopes that with continuous counselling, awareness and support, they can reduce the rate of drug abuse in Kuwadzana Extension and eventually eradicate the problem.

“As BCU we are trying our best to counsel our fellow youths caught up in the scourge of drug abuse,” said Grivis Chengeta, a BCU member.

He said they found that most young people abuse drugs after succumbing to peer pressure, while a few were victims of emotional trauma.

Another member, Carlos Rukweza, said some young people initially take drugs by choice owing to different reasons and it then gradually becomes difficult to resist them.

He said BCU tries to keep the youths occupied so that they are not tempted to turn to drugs.

“Small things like going for walks and talking with them helps.

“There is always a way back to sobriety even when all seems hopeless. We encourage the youths never to give up. We believe that addicts can overcome the temptation of taking drugs and become clean,” he said.

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