Chunga hails Mushekwi

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Chunga hails Mushekwi


Blessing Malinganiza, Sports Reporter

MOSES Chunga, the man who gave Nyasha Mushekwi a chance at CAPS United when he was coming from basketball, says he saw the talent in him from the onset.

Mushekwi, in his speech read by his sister Nyarie at the unveiling of the CAPS United team bus, which he donated showered praises on Chunga.

“I would like to thank my coach Moses Chunga for spotting me when I was coming from basketball, it’s an amazing risk. He took a risk that most coaches wouldn’t but he took it and gambled on me and today I am the man I am because of the opportunity he gave me.

“I am grateful to him for everything that is happening in my life till today,” he said.

Chunga said that it’s his gift to scout talent and he saw it in Nyasha from the first day in training.

“It’s my God given talent to see where talent is. I can connect and can just tell that someone is talent from the onset.

“Nyasha is a good guy, he is different from some of the guys whom I have mentored and discovered, “he said.

The former Harare City coach also revealed that the star once gave him $5 000 to buy a drink emphasizing that he is a giver so he wasn’t surprised that he bought a bus for CAPS.

“I know people are saying Chunga must be given something but imagine a guy who can give me $5 000 to buy a coke, he once gave me that money.

“So it tells you what kind of a guy he is, he is disciplined. And buying his former team a bus he is just like that like I’ve said he once gave me money to buy coke so he is someone who is like that and he calls me often.

“He is different from other players who can’t even call to just greet you, not that you want anything from them, “he said.

Chunga also described Nyasha also a handworker saying with his character, he knew he would go far.

“What made him different is the will to succeed and working hard. Yes, people say he was a basketball player but during his spare time he used to play soccer.

“I have coached a lot of guys, I’m not surprised that they are scoring 14 goals because I have worked with them, some don’t even score in training. Some of them struggle in training so if you don’t score in training, you don’t score in the game.

“When Nyasha came in he scored four goals in his first training and if you see someone giving players like Method Mwanjali and David Kutyauripo a hard time in training. It tells you what kind of a player he was.

“But the handicap was he was coming from basketball, who would want someone coming from basketball but identifying talent is my thing.

“I scouted many players like Method, David Temwanjira, Zvenyika Makonese, Tafadzwa Rusike the list is endless. When I saw Nyasha playing I knew he was playing because he was aggressive and a hard worker, “he said.

He added:

“He is one of the players who is multi-talented   because if you look at other players in different sporting disciplines they can play soccer.  Football has competition because before they were all channeled to football.”

He expressed the need to give people a chance and equal opportunities in football.

“The point is people are not being given equal opportunities in football especially if you are not known.

“I will give you an example of Simba Nhivi and Gabriel Nyoni, I saw them from a morning training session and when we went for lunch I signed them but they were told that there should go back to the juniors. They were exceptional but were not given a chance, “he said.




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