Church backs Bishop, dismisses split claims

Latwell Nyangu and   Tichavona Makonese

Zion Christian Church Kumuka Kwavakafa Nhaudzashe (ZCCKK) says it will never be destroyed by differences within its structures and speculation that it was headed for a split is not true.

The church has been reeling from a fallout triggered by the scandal which saw Bishop Lyphet Matenda Mugaviri proposing to his daughter-in-law.

However, the bulk of the church elders have now backed Bishop Mugaviri to remain their leader despite the anger simmering among other members who want him disciplined.

Some have already left the church.

Church spokesperson, Mubhoyi Kufakunesu, said mistakes happen but they were fully behind Bishop Mugaviri.

“All church branches are in support of our bishop and only one centre leader by the name Elder Jonathan decided to go his way.

“We are moving forward as a church and we have managed to hold our ground-breaking ceremony for Canaan Junior School followed by celebrating the birthday anniversary of Bishop Nhaudzashe Matenda.

“The church is working together with the community in uplifting their livelihoods.

“The church is no longer going to lose focus or get distracted but we will continue to grow our church and shepherd the Lord’s flock.”

He added:

“We are grateful that we are guided by our constitution and led by the word of prophecy.

“We acknowledge mistakes happen and we have corrective measures.

“l can confirm to you that it was a long battle within the family and that matter was blown out of proportion.

“That minor fraction had a selfish reason to tarnish the church.”

Mubhoyi said, out of the 30 elders, only two parted ways.

“Out of 30 elders only two elders decided to have a new bishop.

“Even when they installed their new bishop they did not inform our church members.

“However, we are going to rectify all issues within that area.

“It’s improper to use a family group as a platform to install a bishop.”

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