Quinton Rusero

A MAN from Stoneridge, who claims to be a church elder, has been accused by his sister-in-law of trying to have sex with her and wanting to take her in as his second wife.

Christine Mutes told the Harare Civil Court that her brother-in-law, Patrick Mukiriyado, was making questionable advances towards her.

She was responding to a protection order which was being sought by Patrick in which he was claiming that Christine abuses him all the time.

She also claimed that he stole her phone.

Christine said: “He does not want me to stay at the house bought by my father and wants me to listen to whatever he says.

“He also wants me to be his wife since my sister got him a protection order, but I do not want that. I once reported him twice at Southlea Park Police Station after he assaulted me, I now suffer chest pains.”

Patrick said: “It is not true what she’s saying. She is the same age as my last born, I have looked after her since she was born and I told her to look for someone to marry and take care of her and the children.

“I am a church elder, she is the one who abuses me and all along I was ashamed to apply for a protection order. She says the house belongs to her father, but my wife told me that she got the house as pension from her                      employer.”

The magistrate said there was no evidence that Patrick’s life was in danger and dismissed the application for a protection order.

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