Church fight domestic violence

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Church fight domestic violence Rev John Peter Hakizimana (centre), Bishop Nyabanga (right) and Pastor Daisy Mukariri


Christians have been urged to keep praying for each other and avoid domestic disputes.

The message was courtesy of Vision Pentecostal Church which hosted a three-day revival conference.

The revival ran under the theme, Be faithful ambassador for the Kingdom of God (2 Corinthians 5: 16:20).

Speaking during the conference, Rev John Peter Hakizimana, said:

“It is a few months after Government allowed churches to resume services after a long period of lockdown where social gathering was not advisable as to avoid spreading Covid-19.

“Many believers backslidden and no longer going to church as a result of the lockdown.

“We want families to stay in peace, some were not praying that caused all these problems.

“This revival is helping in restoration of families. We are doing different activities in Zimbabwe where we visit families, teaching them.”

It was discovered that believers have misunderstood the Government’s effort of protecting their citizens away from deadly virus by burning all social gatherings including church services.

“Believers stopped to pray even in their home, then devil took advantage from their ignorance and win them back to his kingdom.”

“This conference is for refreshing our spiritual being and reinstate our mind back to the basics of the kingdom principles in heavenly constitution,” he added.

Pastor Daisy Mukariri also said:

“This conference, and I have been ministering through music.

“Over the lockdown, we did not have time to fellowship and we now back on stage.”

Bishop Nyabanga, guest speaker said:

“The lockdown has affected families and Christians. God has answered our prayers that we need to continue to pray.”

Vision Pentecostal in Zimbabwe is a bible believing church affiliated with the Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe (E.F.Z).

The church was founded in the year, 2010 by men and women of God who found refuge in Zimbabwe.

These people after settling in the nation and being granted refugee status they encouraged themselves in the Lord and decided to continue with their God given callings which they had in their home countries.





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