Church leaders hail President, First Lady

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Church leaders hail President, First Lady


Arron Nyamayaro, H-Metro Reporter

PRESIDENT Mnangagwa on Monday gave front seats to church leaders ahead of his ministers during a church service held at State House.

The President allowed ministers of God to lead prayers and Reverend Andrew Wutaunashe directed the ceremonies.

The move by His Excellency touched hearts of various church leaders who were hosted by the First Family to intercede for the nation at the National Day of fasting and prayer.

Archbishop Ezekiel Guti

Madzibaba Moses Gwanzura of Johanne Masowe yeChishanu hailed President Mnangagwa and the First Lady Amai Auxillia Mnangagwa for humbling themselves before God for the good of the nation.

“The nation is being led by a leader who fear God and giving room to church elders to surround him with prayers is a sign of humility,” said Madzibaba Moses.

“Many people do not expect a person of his position to put God first and by such a gesture I am convinced that Zimbabwe will never be the same.

“Amai Mnangagwa’s heart for disadvantaged people and taking good news to the poor at various corners of the country is a clear testimony of being led by a blessed family.

Bishop Abel Sande

“Today church took front seats and by this President Mnangagwa dedicated and pleaded for the nation before God.

“We have been praying for leaders and today’s prayers is a fulfilment of our supplications for national healing.

Madzibaba Moses demonstrating Covid-19 greeting

“Some of our prophets were shown Covid-19 and they prayed against it that is why it failed to stamp its authority in Zimbabwe like what it did to other nations.

“The gospel of peace and unity being preached by His Excellency will yield desired results and our children will enjoy the fruits of our prayers and labour,” said Madzibaba Moses.

Father Emmanuel Ribeiro

Bishop Loveles Manhango of Bethasaida church said President Mnangagwa’s call for national prayers has healed the nation considering his position.

“God work through leadership and what the President has done today left the nation healed and we feel blessed by being hosted by the First family in prayer,” said Bishop Manhango urging people to respect leadership for the good of the nation.

Father Emmanuel Ribeiro of Roman Catholic Church described hunger, corruption, failure to unite as a disease similar to Covid-19 saying such sicknesses demands prayers of such magnitude.

Reverend Andrew Wutaunashe

“President Mnangagwa has taken a spiritual move that heal our minds, the nation and our mother land and we want to thank him along with Amai Mnangagwa for this,” said Father Libeiro.

“Nzara ikauya hazvina basa kuti uriwekereke ipi kana uriwebato ripi chirwere chinenge chapinda saka minamato pamwechete nekubata seizzvi zvaitwa nhasi zvinodzinga nzara humbimbindoga, huwori nezvimwe zvirwere zvakadaro zvinoparadza vanhu,” said Father Libeiro.

Church leaders being led by Reverend Utaunashe took turns in uttering prayers in motherly and heavenly languages that sounded like toungues turning the State House into a place of worship.

Other church leaders at the prayer meeting

Zimbabwe Republic Police band led in praise and worshipping songs.

Among other church leaders who graced the prayer meeting included Arch bishop Ezekiel Guti, Bishop Nehemiah Mutendi, Bishop Abel Sande, Muslim and Hindu community representatives.


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