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16 March 2018


CONTROVERSIAL ZAOGA preacher Apostle Christopher Kapandura’s teachings have been subject to social media debate with opinions divided over his vulgarity.

Apostle Kapandura better known as Kaps is popular for his use of vulgar or explicit language in his teachings with the latest videos of his recent visit to Chinhoyi making rounds.

Similar debate is also found among several local church leaders. Some feel Kaps goes over the board with his explicit language and that he should be sensitive to the audience he will be preaching to. Others felt there is nothing wrong with his choice of words but it should only be limited to couples conferences or marriage teachings and not a mixed church service.

H-Metro’s BLESSING MASAKADZA, ADORATION BIZURE and ARRON NYAMAYARO spoke to several men of cloth to get their views on the subject.

House of Grace International Ministries leader, PROPHET SHAM HUNGWE said church leaders should always be careful of the words they use in their teachings saying the Bible does not condone uttering vulgar.

“We should be sensitive to our audience. The Bible is also clear that no vulgar should come out of your mouth and that your words should bring peace and comfort to those listening to you. Such teachings in a mixed church gathering are not correct and they bring discomfort to some listening to him. Shifting from the spiritual world, we as Zimbabweans have our values and they should be respected. Can you have such a conversation with your in-laws? Even our radio programmes have disclaimers, ‘kana pane vanyarikani tererai chirongwa ichi mumwe nemumwe pake. Let us uphold our values.


Controversial prophet TALENT MADUNGWE said there is nothing wrong with the preaching or teachings of Apostle Kapandura. The Exile Desire of All Nations Ministries leader said there are different ways people were called to preach and as long as he is preaching the word of God, he should continue.

“If he is preaching about God let him preach, ways of preaching are different. It’s God who calls and moulds the way he wants a preacher to be and who we are to judge? Let God judge and not us. The preacher (Kapandura) comes from a big church with great man of God baba Guti and he is well respected so by allowing him to preach in his church means a lot so let him preach the word without fear. Paul in the bible said some preach neshungu or hasha, so let him preach as long he is preaching about God. We respect Baba Guti, the founder of ZAOGA, he authorised him in the church so as a Christian father of Zimbabwe he would not let him preach if it was something bad. Ngavaparidze.


Family Worship Terbanacle Ministries International Church Prophet EPHIAS JENGETA believes a man of God should be sensitive to the crowd he or she will be preaching to. He said Kapandura’s message is specific for a couples meeting and not a mixed church gathering.

“I think his teachings should be for the couples and not a mixed congregation. I as a man of God have those teachings but I should be sensitive to the crowd I’m preaching to. His message is not bad but should be directed towards a certain audience, mainly couples. You can’t have such teachings in a mixed congregation where there are kids from Sunday school. I also think having such a message at a crusade, in a stadium is not a problem but a church conference is a no. Again it should be done in passing, as an illustration. Even at a couples conference or gathering you still have to be sensitive to the audience. There is always a better way of saying something.

Apostle BENJAMIN JOSEPH MURATA of New Life Pentecostal church said Jesus Christ never mentioned people’s private parts throughout his sermons but managed to bring many to God’s kingdom.

“We believe that some pastors and evangelists use all sorts of things in their preaching but mentioning of private parts is not good and Godly,” said Apostle Murata.

“There is no other foundation laid besides Jesus Christ and we are all supposed to follow and learn from Him.

“Jesus Christ turned many to God and he never used bad words like mentioning people’s private parts in his sermons.”

Apostle Kapandura must evangelise and learn to select better words that do not mention private parts because from Adam to this generation we cover private parts and cannot be points of attacking sinful people.”

Shoko ramufundisi rinofanirakuwana nguva yekuritsanangura mudzimba but his words cannot be discussed in families; he must respect our culture.

“We attend church services as families and among them we have our in-laws and for him to say such shameful words in the presence of his in-laws cannot be entertained ngaaremekedze vanatezvara vake asipedzesimba reshoko nekutaurazvinyadzi achisekesa vanhu hazvivaponese,” said Apostle Murata.

Apostle STEPHEN MANGWANYA of New United Apostolic church urged Apostle Kapandura to read all scriptures in the Bible since they are God breathed.

“I want to believe that Apostle Kapandura is still to read Biblical apostle Paul teaching that bad words must not come out from our mouth,” said Apostle Mangwanya.

“When he is preaching he must realise that he is standing for Christ and our Lord and saviour does not utter bad words but good news.

“Ngavasanyadzisira asivaparidze kwete neruvengo asi nerudo kwete kusekesa nekusvodesa vanhu hazvivabatsire uye hazviponese,” said Apostle Mangwanya.

ZAOGA FIF Hunyani District Pastor MATAWA who hosted Apostle Kapandura said there were mixed feelings following Apostle Kapandura’s sermon.

“Christian community recommended the preaching positively to a dying world like this one,” said Pastor Matawa.

“Many confessed their sins as a result of tough rebuke by Apostle Kapandura. Heathens say, as a man of God, he was not supposed to speak extremely. They want him back to hear more although they are condemning him,” said Pastor Matawa.

John Maxwell Scholar and president of Leadership Impact Training Institute, Pastor Elias Chakabatwa said Aposlte Kapandura is causing more harm than good with his sermons.

“Before we even start to look at what the Bible says about obscenities, we should appreciate the concept of ubuntu/unhu.

“There are certain words we cannot say in public because of the issues of culture that informs us.

“Apostle Kapandura should not reduce the church to a circus or a comic club.

“The church is a living organism and its institutions should be reverenced.

“Being a pastor is not a licence to be arrogant and use foul communication in the name of preaching the truth. The Bible is clear that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. (Luke 6:45 and Mathew 12:34).

“A person speaks what is in his/her heart now so if someone specialises in preaching using foul language then there is a challenge.

“It is possible that the person is a Christian but they need help to  come out of the bondage of foul talk  as the Bible admonishes us. In Colossians 3:8.Paul says “put away foul talk..”

“The words we speak should bring grace to the hearers. I am persuaded that in every preaching there is an element of divine inspiration and another element of human bias and this depends at times on the way we were socialised.

“You can make a good message because of things you personally think are right yet it may be man’s tradition and customs and at the same time you can deceive yourself to think you have a unique message when actually what you are propagating is personal opinions and nothing of the word of God that brings about transformation.

“From the videos that I have seen I personally feel the pastor has gone overboard; he needs help to deal with his own character.

“His understanding of Holiness is way above that which is taught in the Bible, the theology that informs me states that whatever we do it should reflect Christ like character.

“I am not sure if Christ would be here today whether he would say all those unprintable words the pastor is preaching.

“In one of his messages he said God puffed on us, in Shona to me this is extreme if not blasphemous.

“The church that is sanctioning the pastor may need to revisit its theology. The language is pornographic in nature as he describes various parts of the female as well as male reproductive organs.

“My submission is there is a way rebuke must be done but not going over board and becoming obscene.

“Christ is enough and His word and power are enough to make people repent.

“Verbal abuse in the church must be discarded and relegated to where it belongs.

“The pastor should not be myopic to think that when he pushes his personal opinions he is doing so on behalf of God. God has exalted His word and His name.

“Human wisdom and human anger/pain from the past should never be mistaken for the word of God.

“My prayer is that the sending church recalls the pastor and help him work on his character and speech before commissioning him again.

“More harm can be done in the name of truth yet a person is just spreading and sharing his philosophies.”

Word in You leader, Apostle Humphrey Nduna said Apostle Kapandura should repent from his conduct.

“In the Bible, there are so many incidences where different men of God would rebuke the people. sThis has been happening in both the old and the New Testament.

“However, is it important to note that in all the rebukes by the different men of God, we don’t see any that was made using vulgar language.

“I think preaching using vulgar language is stooping so low as a man of God because why on earth would you say you want to change someone but insulting them like what we hear on the Apostle’s videos.

“Just before Jesus was baptised, John the Baptist rebuked Israelites calling them brood of vipers for taking advantage of being the chosen nation.

“In the book on Mathew, at one time Jesus referred to gentiles as dogs. Apostle Paul referred to some congregants as dogs as well but there was nowhere we hear vulgarity being used to rebuke.

“Apostle Kapandura is one of the elders not just in ZAOGA but in Christianity as a whole, as such I feel he has to lead by example so that we follow his footsteps.

“It is my humble appeal that he repents from preaching using such language,” he said.

Higher Life International Ministries Senior Pastor Alistar Chibanda said Apostle Kapandura was right in his sermons.

“I believe the man of God is right to correct this generation which Satan has plunged into sexual immorality and illicit affairs that cause a lot of spiritual and physical harm to the body of Christ.

“Prostitution creates soul ties which will evolve into long term problems in marriage or life.

“I support Apostle Kaps because as a normal father you would react in the same manner he reacted in trying to correct and guide your girl child,” he said.

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