Church should cater for society

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Church should cater for society Bishop Jeff


21 February 2018

Bishop Jeff

A LOCAL clergyman has said it is the duty of the church to ensure less privileged members of society are catered for.

This was said by Bishop Rogers Jeffery who leads Tabernacle of Worship Family Ministries International which is behind a number of social responsibility initiatives.

He said this year they are scaling up on the number of projects to empower the community.

“The duty of the church is not only to empower people with the word but socially and economically. We have a number of less privileged members of society who need held and this is the duty of the church.

“Last year we had a number of initiatives and this year it is our plan to increase the programs so that many people benefit. We are building a church without walls, we will be reaching out to the people. Jesus was not always in the synagogue. We are breaking those barriers. We believe man is not only made out of the spirit hence needs something after being spiritually empowered,” he said.

Among the projects Bishop Jeff led was the George Shaya benefit concert that was aimed at helping the retired footballer. He also has a rich background in HIV/AIDS related issues.

Bishop Jeff said there are a number of children who need assistance following the death of their parents and guardians due to HIV related ailments.

“There are a lot of children out there who need our assistance. Some houses are now child headed owing to HIV/AIDS and those children need our assistance. We do not want them in the streets hence we have to give them something to do to uplift their lives,” he said.

“The church is there to empower people in a number of ways. Information is power and we as church leaders must have the right and accurate information that our people will be saved.

“There are several diseases facing the country, speaking of cancer, HIV and these days we are talking of cholera and typhoid and people need to be educated. This is where the church comes in, to empower people with the right information.

“These days we are talking of voter registration, it is empowerment hence the church should be participating,” he added.

Bishop Jeff said they have also lined up a number of youth driven projects aimed at fighting the scourge of drug abuse and early sexual activities.

“We are incorporating the youth in our initiatives. We encourage them to come up with projects that are generational oriented and we will support them. We don’t impose projects on them, we encourage to lead the way and we guide and support them. We do not want them in the streets and certainly do not want them to take drugs,” he said.

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