Church speaks on accidents

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26 November 2018

CHURCH leaders and traditional healers described road traffic accidents that have claimed many lives as the works of the devil.

New United Apostolic Faith church leader, Apostle Stephen Mangwanya said the devil is after discouraging people from embracing good plans God has for this new dispensation.

“There is a real change happening in the spiritual realm and the devil is killing lives in order to discourage people from seeing the goodness of this new dispensation,” said Apostle Mangwanya.

“Biblically when deliverance is about to happen, the devil tries by all means to attack so as to keep people in bondage and by this I want to urge Christians not to tire in praying for the nation.

“When the Israelites were about to leave Egypt where they were being ill-treated, Pharaoh ordered his army to add more suffering to them that some of the Israelites nearly gave up but Moses stood by what God had promised him.

“Plague after plague filled the land of Egypt but Moses, since he was sent by God, emerged the winner and Pharaoh let the Israelites leave.

“God has good plans for Zimbabwe under this new dispensation but the devil is trying to water it down by causing loss of lives through accidents and sabotaging the economy through fires.

“I want to urge Christians to remain focused, continue to pray for the nation and its leadership, good things are ahead.

“It is not God’s will to lose lives through accidents but death, hunger, current things or things to come will discourage us from putting our faith in God who ordains leadership.

“When Cain killed his brother Abel. Mwari vakamubvunza kuti aripi asi iye akati I am not my brother’s keeper.

“By that passage of Scripture let everyone know that it is our duty to keep our brothers and not harm them. Ukaita zvakanaka haungafarewo here.

“To motorists I urge them to exercise caution on roads and resist being used by the devil to kill people,” said Apostle Mangwanya encouraging people to pray without ceasing.

One of the traditional healers Anzikaria Chidziva of Chikowore village under chief Musana urged traditional leaders to preach peace, unite villagers and observe traditional rituals expected according to custom to be carried in every season.

“When you witness mishaps happening one after another it is a message to traditional leaders to pay attention to their ancestral spirits,” said Mbuya Chidziva.

“Mwaka wega wega unemuko wawo unofanira kutevedzwa nemadzishe kuitira kuti vapwere vafare panyika yavagere.

“Pasi panodya uye pasi panotaura nekudaro hatifanire kurasa tsika dzechinyakare nekuda zvechizvinozvino.

“Mvura idonhodzo inoraramisa, miti inopa upenyu uye inoraramisa, makomo akashongedza nyika uye ivhu ndiro chitsiko chaMwari nemakore iguruva retsoka dzamusikavanhu.

“Ukaona ropa rodeuka zvisina tsarukano madzishe ngaasvinure, ngavabike doro rechinyakare vanzwe mashoko anenge achibwereketwa nevaripasi pamwe namusikavanhu.

“Vazhinji havachaungana semhuri kuita chipwa kana mapira anobatanidza madzinza saka muchiona kusanaya kwemvura nenguva yayo uye kupondana nekudeuka kweropa nguva nenguva,” said Mbuya Chidziva appealing to traditional leaders to observe their customs and preach unity among villagers.

Apostle Benjamin Joseph Murata of New Life Pentecostal church described the road accidents as not normal urging motorists to respect the sanctity of life.

“Road accidents being recorded are not normal and the devil is after killing people including children who are leaders of tomorrow,” said Apostle Murata.

“Following the birth of Jesus Christ, Herod ordered the killing of children that Biblical Rachel was heard wailing on top of her voice refusing to be silenced because her children were no more.

“Jesus Christ was born to deliver people from their sins and the devil used Herod to kill people including the Messiah.

“President Mnangagwa has come up with a new Republic, new dispensation meant to change lives from all the afflictions they underwent.

“We read about the mishap that left other leaders injured and some killed in Bulawayo and these days we hear of road traffic accidents not sparing even the minors.

“It is the devil attacking the goodness brought by this new dispensation and if people continue attacking national leaders the devil will continue to celebrate,” said Apostle Murata.

Reverend Obadiah Musindo of Destiny of Afrika Network said the devil is ever roaring like a lion.

“Church must open spiritual eyes and see that their doctrines are not negatively affecting people’s lives and killing them,” said Rev Musindo.

“It is pathetic to discover that there are leaders planning to fast in January for ten days when lives are being lost daily.

“Do these leaders know that the accidents and fires being reported are not normal?

“The devil is roaring like a hungry lion taking advantage of foolish Christians who offer traditional prayers they observe in the beginning of January.

“Let Christians join hands and pray daily, fast daily over these accidents and mishaps other than planning to conduct all-night prayers to enter into 2019.

“Christians are allowing cults to carry their duties in our nation as well as allowing false prophets to stamp their authority on people’s lives.

“Satanists are showing their signs on people’s bodies through evil marks but Christians remain silent only to raise their voices and join those who attack our President.

“Do they read the book of Romans chapter 13 written to teach people about leadership? Tinevafundisi vachakatsamwira kukundwa uye vasingade kukundwa vavekusvibisa nzvimbo dzekunamatira vachidzidzisa vanhu zvido zvemoyo yavo kwete zvaMwari.

“Church has a pivotal role to play in uniting not dividing people. When the church is fighting for leadership and place of worship the devil is not asleep so I am challenging church leaders to open their eyes and be responsible.

“It is pathetic to conduct funerals and see a pastor quoting scriptures wrongly when children are being killed before they fulfill what God has predestined for them,” said Rev Musindo.

Goodness and Mercy ministries founder, Prophet Tapiwa Freddy said life is precious and it is the church’s responsibility to pray against the spirits of accidents.

“We call upon drivers to exercise caution in order to save lives especially towards Christmas since most people will be travelling to meet their loves ones,” said Prophet Freddy.

“Christmas is all about Jesus Christ and let us pray that everyone celebrates it in joy not in sorrow,” said Prophet Freddy.

Sekuru Kamwelo Banda urged people to value life not money saying motorists must stop using earphones while driving and racing to meet targets.

“We have a problem of people who are inheriting western cultures and leave their own culture and this is contributing much to some of these accidents,” said Sekuru Banda.

“Varume vavekupfeka mhete, vachirukwa misoro, kudembedza mabhurkwa nedzimwe tsika dzakapesana nemagariro echivanhu chedu.

“Motorists are racing to meet targets, listening to music while driving and all these are contributing to some of these accidents.

“They value money not life. Some of these behaviours, styles are against our culture and this brings bad spells on us and our children,” said Sekuru Banda.


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