Churches gatherings back

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Churches gatherings back Church members during a service


Arron Nyamayaro, H-Metro Reporter

FELLOWSHIP helps in easing pressure and opportunity for impartation of spirits and ideas with other church members, a church leader has said.

A number of people attended church services yesterday following the reviewing of national lockdown measures by President Mnangagwa.

Apostle Stephen Mangwanya

Church leaders welcomed the people allowed to meet saying it is noble as a measure to fight the continued spread of Covid-19.


Most church leaders said the pandemic has negatively affected fellowship.

Apostle Murata

Apostle Stephen Mangwanya of New United Apostolic Faith church said this yesterday soon after conducting a church service where 50 members attended in line with Covid-19 restrictions.


“Church gatherings help unite the poor and rich by the spirit of God,” said Apostle Mangwanya.

Bishop Albert Chikuni

“That fellowship opens doors for sharing and exchanging of ideas because not everything needs prayers; some need ideas to overcome challenges.


“Eating together unites people and helps do away with poor and underprivileged as well as those living with disability.

“God, through church, reveals the manifestation of his wisdom and in this the strong strengthen the weak ones by his power and grace.


“Covid-19 is an enemy of such fellowships and it is our prayer for the church to learn from its effects.


“Tave kunyanya kunzwa nenzeve tichimbomira kutaura nekuda kwekushandisa facemasks.


“Vazhinji vanoparadza hupenyu hwavo nekuda kwemashoko anobuda mumiromo yavo asi Covid-19 yambotinyararidza uye nekutiwanisa nguva nemhuri dzedu.


“Decrease in Covid-19 death cases shows people are praying and government saw it better to review lockdown measures,” said Apostle Mangwanya.


Bishop Albert Chikuni of Family Life Ministries international said lockdown has taken and affected church life.


“Church members are devoted to apostles teaching and fellowship,” said Bishop Chikuni.


“Scientifically, it takes 21 days to create a strong habit and 21 days of doing the same thing creates a habit.


“The lockdowns has significantly created a habit which may be difficult to break.


“To some, though the churches have opened, the habits now that have been created are non fellowship habits.


“Pastors will have great work to resurrect original church lifestyle.


“Some are used to online services which can never replace the actual fellowship.


“Apostle Paul used to write letters preaching to saints but nevertheless he stated the need to personally meet saints and longed to see them physically to make them strong.


“Technology can never replace the importance of one on one or direct service with the preacher.


“We want to give thanks to God for healing us and our government for reviewing lockdown measures that have seen the resumption of church services.


“Our major task now as church leaders is to revive the spirit of togetherness,” said Bishop Chikuni.


Reverend Gwinyai Ndembera of Methodist Revival church said there is need for the church to continue with it’s visibility, give hope, encourage and educate people through the preaching of the word of life.


“Covid 19 is real so the WHO guidelines must not be taken lightly but must be put to good use so as to save lives. Masking up, washing hands with running water, sanitizing and maintaining of social and physical distance is key,” said Rev Ndembera.


“We are taught through the word, the need to wait upon the Lord.


“Church in homes helped many to keep them alive,” said Rev Ndembera.


Apostle Benjamin Joseph Murata of New Life Pentecostal church said a number of youth have been backsliding due to negative effects of Covid-19.


“We have been busy as pastors conducting counseling sessions for marital issues that arose during the lockdown,” said Apostle Murata.


“Some youth ended up abusing drugs while some ended up in unplanned marriages because of failing to meet with other members for ideas and continuous filling up of the Holy Spirit.


“Government helped much in curbing the continued spread of Covid-19 by national lockdown and as the church we never tire to give hope and supplications through online teachings,” said Apostle Murata.

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