Churches mourn Tuku

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Churches mourn Tuku


25 January 2019

Madzibaba Emmanuel Mutumwa

Tawanda Bote and Latwell Nyangu

Churches from all walks of life in Zimbabwe have joined the nation in mourning music legend Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi who passed away on Wednesday.

Speaking to H-Metro various church leaders described the icon as a humble man and a leader in the music industry and said the nation had lost a dedicated son of the soil who represented the country well to the outside world:

Prophet EV Maposa (Grace Abound Church)

We at Grace Abound Church wish to express our deepest condolences to the Mtukudzi family, the music fraternity and the entire nation of Zimbabwe on the passing on of our international music icon Dr Oliver Mtukudzi.

Death to a good man is not a period but comma. It is his release from the imprisonment of this world to the enjoyment of another world. Whether we die young or old it does not matter, what matters is the grace to continue living hereafter. True success is not measured by wealth amassed but is measured by how happy others lived because of you, it is this legacy and heritage that Tuku left behind that even generations to come shall live to cherish. His music touched many souls, gave strength and courage to the hopeless and consoled the afflicted. RIP Oliver Mtukudzi.

Apostole Stephen Hama

Madzibaba Spenlodge Madenyika (Johane Masowe Kuwadzana Sect 4)

The country has lost a dedicated son in music industry, his music had a message and also he was not in the habit of singing vulgar like other musicians of these days. Even those whom he collaborated with can testify that he was a humble person to work with.

His music will live forever and the memories of him will remain etched in people’s hearts.

Apostle Stephen Hama (Believers World Chapel]

My beloved people of Zimbabwe it is indeed a sad hour were a gallant son of the soil has ascended to glory. A voice which touched many hearts across the nation and globally. Yes, Tuku has answered his last call a sad moment but happily his legacy is still alive. A humble legendary whose musical footprints will never be erased, his works will always be remembered. Rest in Peace Samanyanga Oliver Tuku Mtukudzi (Hebrews 9:27).

Pastor Hazvinei Muchefa

Madzibaba Emmanuel ‘SG’ Mutumwa (Johane Masowe Echishanu)

The Bulawayo based prophet said Tuku’s music has been very inspirational into his life:

We say rest in peace to our Legend Oliver Mtukudzi. He has left a legacy, we are pained by the death, anga ari mdara wedu wataidada naye; he has never fought anyone.

I have never seen him quarrelling with anyone. Nguva inenge yakwana, God has made his decision, go well until we meet again our icon.

Even at church, my members know my favourite music is from Tuku, so this is a great loss.

Madzibaba Spenlodge Madenyika

As churches we support our musicians because there is power in their music, and this is a loss.

Apostle TS Mukanya (Grace of God Deliverance)

We are pained by Tuku’s death because I was in the process of doing my third album and he had promised to donate 100 chairs to my church.

And everything has been thrown out, but it’s God’s decision. We say may his soul find rest with the Heavens.

Pastor Hazvinei Muchefa (RECFEMI)

Words cannot describe the feeling and pain for the passing away of our hero, humble father who raised the Zimbabwe flag high through music. Surely baba Mtukudzi was a humble father, teacher to many Zimbabweans. May the love and mercy of our Lord be bestowed upon the wife Daisy and family during this unfortunate time. May his soul rest in Peace. Tarasikirwa tarwadziwa.

Pastor Try more Bande


Mashoko ndiwo anotiperera asi kumhuri ye Zimbabwe ndinoti tarasikirwa zvikuru. Dr Tuku was a hero, legend and he was a humble man. What pains most is that I was supposed to do a track with him this year because he was an international artist. Rest in peace Dr Tuku.

Madzibaba Fire Fungai Mukundu (Jordan Church)

As a church we are mourning with the Mtukudzi family and the nation as a whole; we have lost a big musician who used to unite everyone despite which church they go to.

Kana kumasowe kwedu we also listen to his music.

Tuku aibatanidza vanhu vakawanda ndinoti Mwari vaita kuda kwavo asi ngatinyaradzwe pakuchema kwatinoita tose.

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