Cindy Munyavi unstoppable

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Cindy Munyavi unstoppable Cindy Munyavi


Laura Maposa

US-BASED songbird Cindy Munyavi, who recently released a new song titled ‘‘Handiendi’’ with Kae Chaps, says she will be dropping another single next month.

 In an interview with H-Metro, Cindy said: “Starting January 2023, I will be releasing a single every month.

“This is something I am excited for my dear Pacesetters to look forward to. 

“I am also experimenting with different sounds. Several unexpected exciting collaborations on the way which I shall nor disclose.”

She added: “My latest release, featuring Kae Chaps titled Handiende, was well received and I was so humbled by the rave reviews and the streams and radio airplay.

“The song received 10 000 views on YouTube and does not have a single dislike on the platform to date.”

She said she got the concept from Steve Makoni.

Handiende is an urban contemporary re-interpretation of Steve Makoni’s classic of the same title. I presented my demo to him and I have his blessing. He applauded me for the brilliant interpretation which I believe is largely contributing to the success of the song.

“Kae Chaps is the heartbreak king and he added his brilliant (touch) to complete the song and I am so grateful to have a star like him on the track.

“My music career has been good since I left Zimbabwe.  I have been working a lot on private performances like exclusive events, weddings and doing audio books and ads for several  institutions.”

She has some regrets, though.

 “Unfortunately, my Zimbabwean fans have not had access to most of this work because I am bound by non disclosure contracts and cannot share some of this material

“I did release a single titled Ndadzamirwa and Mhosva, a collaboration with Qounfuzed, which received rave reviews on the internet and a lot of radio airplay.

 “I am so grateful to my Pacesetters for standing by me in the 16 years I have been single and their support continues to inspire me to want to do more,” she said.

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